How Dogs Can Set an Example for Body Respect in Kids

Photo: Body Moderation Movement

Moderation Movement

When we came across this fab image on the interwebs, we couldn’t wait to share it. Dogs being used to spread the woof to kids that they should love and accept their bodies, no matter what size or shape? Pup yeah.

As The Moderation Movement, who created this image, puts it:

“One way you can explain size diversity and acceptance to young children is to point out how different dogs are. Some are long and lean, some have a lot of muscle, others are round and soft, some tiny, some large, and we never expect them to be anything other than how they were born. We don’t judge a Labrador for not looking like a Greyhound. It would be completely ludicrous to choose one type of dog as the “most beautiful” and then tease, shame, bully and entice all other dogs to achieve the same look. Ridiculous, right? Yet, our culture pressures all human bodies to look one way.”

Wanna share this pawesome body-positivity message in your school or other biz? The Moderation Movement encourages people to print it. (Just make sure to leave their logo on. Good dog.)

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