What a Time to Be Alive: This Indoor Dog Park Also Serves Beer

Move over, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Sayonara, House Targaryen and Stark. There’s a new House in town, and it’s going to the dogs!

House of Ruff is an indoor canine social club slash BAR located in South Seattle. For PNW dog owners, it truly scratches an itch that can be hard to get to in this city. Owner CJ Tomlinson, whose had careers in dog walking and bartending, opened the place in 2016 after the weather got to her.

“I was dog walking for a year and was sick of being cold and wet,” Tomlinson says. “I wanted to combine dogs and beer in a safe, dry space so I created my vision.”

And boy are we glad. Inside, it’s 72 degrees every day of the year. There’s rubber flooring to prevent your pup from slipping, and a canine grass patch for potty breaks so you can get back to your game of fetch asap.

“It’s great when you consider the typical Seattle weather,” says Jenny Smith, blogger at How To Move To New Zealand, who has spent a lot of time in the area with her pooch. “Your dog can run around and play freely while you relax and have a beer or two.”

Words to the woofers: All dogs must pass a behavioral assessment prior to playing. “This creates a safe pack where dogs and humans can relax,” Tomlinson explains. Once you’re in, the club also offers daycare, boarding, grooming, and dog walking. Drop in for a dog park date for $5 bones, or pony up $60 for 15 visits if you and your pooch wanna become regulars.

“Socialization and play is important for a dog,” Tomlinson says. “I want Seattleites to know that they have a safe, comfortable place where there is also support from experienced staff to give their dogs the exercise and socialization they need, especially when the weather is challenging.”

Now that’s something we can puppreciate.

(Photo by House of Ruff)

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