5 Ways to Consider Your Dog When Buying a House

Everyone knows dogs are only after one thing: real estate. And if you’re in the market for a home for your pup, there are some special things to consider. Wondering what to look for when buying a house for your #1? Here are 5 questions you must ask as you search.

1. Will your dog be able to handle the home’s stairs for her whole life?

Not gonna peanut butter coat this: do not buy a 1 year house for a 15 (20?) year dog. Like it or not, the senior years are coming, and your dog needs to comfortably make it in and out multiple times a day. And to your bed so you can tuck her in at night, obviously. Make sure you plan accordingly. Same goes for the floors.

2. Where is the closest emergency vet?

When emergency strikes at 2 in the morning (and it will), you do not want to be driving hours to a hospital. Make sure you know exactly where your community’s 24-hour clinics are located. Not to be extra (but let’s face it: when it comes to our dog’s, we’re extra), but a few minutes could save your dog’s life.

3. Is the yard large enough to accommodate your pup’s activity level?

Sure, a big yard would be nice, but not all dogs need the same yard. The sunbathers among us may be pleased as pup with a nice patch of grass. If your bud’s a championship fetcher, though, you may require a little more space.

4. Are you puppared for the immediate costs associated with replacing or installing a fence?

Moving is an honest-to-dog nightmare for all involved, and decompression after relocating can be hard on your pup. As a result, many dogs become lost after moving, so having your fence in solid working order needs to be an immediate priority. Budget for this—fixing that gate simply cannot wait a few months.

5. Does the neighborhood have the dog-friendly amenities you enjoy using?

Does pupper require a walking service, dog park, brunch patio, and pub? Or is she content with a stroll around the block a couple times a day? Identify her non-negotiables and plan accordingly. Be sure to do your homework, too, cause you don’t wanna move near that forest preserve you assumed you’d use all the time only to find a dreaded “No Dogs Allowed” sign.

What other Qs does your pup have regarding what to look for when buying a home? Woof at us in the comments, and share this post with a fren who is house hunting!

Featured photo: Anastasia Shuraeva

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