Holiday Safety Series: Easter

easter dog safety

Maggie Moo, hard at work.
(Photo: SWD)

Dear Mister E. Bunny,

First and foremost, you should know I’m a big supporter of your work. I’m particularly impressed by your moxie: sure, hiding eggs in the yard might be easy work in California, but here in Minnesota you contend with April snow drifts and bitter winds. So, you know, color me impressed.

That said, you may not be aware of how dangerous your celebratory antics can be for your fellow four-leggers. Here are some helpful hints, E.B., so you can keep us safe this Easter weekend:

1. Obviously, chocolate is a serious (albeit delicious) problem for us pooches, so you gotta be careful where you’re hiding this stuff. (And you gotta make sure those two-legged kiddos actually find everything you hide.) We dogs try to be good, but if there’s a shiny, tinfoil-wrapped chocolate egg hidden behind a potted plant, I’m gonna eat it. And then I’m gonna sniff around for his friends.

2. Did you know that the fake plastic grass that goes into Easter baskets is super hazardous for yours truly? I don’t have to eat much of it before it becomes anchored in my stomach, refuses to pass, and results in some crazy-expensive abdominal surgery that my mom has to pay for. Not exactly the best Easter gift.

3. Easter lilies are super poisonous for cats. Now, I may not have any kittie sisters, but plenty of my friends do, so that feels like an important reminder. Petals, leaves, stem, pollen — if it’s part of a lily, it’s bad for the cat. So deliver your Easter lilies to kitty-free homes only, please. (If you’re still taking orders, my mom Ali would like no fewer than nine bouquets.)

Like I said, I’m a big fan. You do great work. But I’m not such a fan of the vet, so please be careful this weekend.

All my love,

Miss Margaret (Maggie) Moo

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