10 Holiday Movies Ranked by Dogs

Okay, cozy buds—if you’re gonna make your dog watch Christmas movies with you all month, the least you can do is choose a flick with something for you both. Behold our list of the best holiday movies with dogs (and without, UGH). While some rate better than others with the pups, they’re all a chance for snuggles under a blanket and that gets two paws up every time.  

10. Love Actually

Despite there being like 33 main characters, none of the people in love actually have dogs, so 0/10. Of course, all of these characters could have benefited from having a dog. Hands down. Anyway, in summary, this one is BOOOOring to dogs. No dogs to view, lots of chatting and smooching (ew). Naptime for sure.

9. White Christmas

This one is super sticky for dogs. It is v problematic as they certainly do NOT appreciate how casually Danny Kaye offhandedly mentions his Cocker Spaniel while galavanting all over Florida and Vermont singing about snow the whole movie. Where is his Cocker Spaniel?! Does no one understand how much that Cocker Spaniel loves galavanting?! So while dogs love the story of a bunch of humans getting together to do a nice thing for another human, this one ranks low on the canine scale.

8. Home Alone

You’d think this would be a hit because dogs have sure been trying to tell you the people outside are up to no good. However, count on an inevitable eye roll, because from doggo’s perspective, this movie would have no premise if only the McCallisters had a dog and a diligent dog sitter. Anyway, suitcases, everyone leaves, very bad, very scary. D-

7. The Santa Clause

Scientifically proven to be the most realistic depiction of the North Pole—and that wins major points with canines. The sassy reindeer is a high point, of course, but dogs find the cocoa-cookie dispenser in the sleigh underwhelming. Why so much chocolate? Why so little nutty butter?! This one also loses points when the lone dog scene depicts her as mean or aggressive when she was just doing her job.

6. The Family Stone

Featuring so! many! people! to follow around the house, The Family Stone is a solid bet. The strata on the floor scene is the stuff of dog dreams, but it misses an opportunity to include a pup in the all-star cast. I think we can all agree that Diane Keaton should have a scruffy dog who hates Sarah Jessica Parker and eats an expensive shoe or something. Maybe he was cut for time?

5. Noelle

This much-beloved newcomer is absolutely dog-friendly AF because Noelle’s little reindeer baby, Snowcone, is basically a flying puppy. He’s a 10/10 unruly baddie, and she still loves him. They love to see this. Snowcone is also trusted with lots of important jobs, which is inspiring to pups. And the North Pole here is similar to the REAL one (i.e. the one from the Santa Clause).

4. A Christmas Story

Honestly one of the best endings of any of the holiday movies with dogs. Puppers sure do not appreciate how the dad feels about ’em, but they suuure do love watchin’ the Bumpas hounds get sweet, sweet revenge. “Triple dog dare” speaks to the canine set’s bravery, and they absolutely appreciate the acknowledgement of their unending courageousness. See also: all the barking at the bunny PJs.

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A realistic tale of what it’s like to find your own joy when your human is wading through the depths of constant despair. This classic cartoon stresses the importance of self care for dogs when their person is really down in the dumps. Also, Snoopy can get down, and not enough movies showcase dog dancing.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

At first glance, you might think this one would read like a horror movie to dogs and that Max would have been way better off with a Sneetch, star or no star. But look closely: Max really really loves the Grinch even though he’s grumpy because of course he does. There can be rough moments when loving unconditionally, but if done correctly, even the nasty wastiest of us can be reformed. ::cue puppo happy tears::

1. Elf

Face it: Buddy the Elf is pretty much what dogs would be like if they were humans. They can definitely relate to Buddy’s eating habits, his unending quest to find out where his dad went, and his general jolly disposition. And that time Buddy saw a dog? It’s what Christmas is all about.

What’s your snuggly routine for watching holiday movies with dogs? Woof at us in the comments!

Featured photo: Jasmin Shuler

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