Is Hobby Lobby Dog-Friendly?

Ya got another hobby; pupper loves that for you. Fifi herself is a creative icon. She’s been trying to tell ya, beef pupourri and chicken garlands. Trust her; she has a vision. But two hours in Hobby Lobby and you still can’t decide, fleece with Poodles or flannel with Pugs? We’re sure doggo has opinions, which got us wondering, is Hobby Lobby dog-friendly? Here’s the quick sniff.

Note: H*ckin’ COVID has given us a new normal. Make sure pup (and you) follow store and state mandates. Happy crafting!

Hobby Lobby Pet Policy

The official pet policy isn’t outlined on the Hobby Lobby website. We howled at their national customer service line and spoke with the lovely Angie, who said although there’s no official pet policy, dogs ARE generally allowed in their stores. It’s up to management at each location if dogs are welcome, so call ahead. Unruly dogs’ll be asked to leave, so make sure Buddy’s on his bestest behavior.

3 Tips for a Hobby Lobby Visit With Pup

We would never think of limiting the woofer’s creative flow. Princess thinks more glitter, less cats. Iconic! Keep the inspiration flowing, and check out these tips and tricks for pup’s next trot through Hobby Lobby. 

1. Keep Pup Leashed or in Cart

While in the store, keep doggo on a short leash or in a cart. Make sure he doesn’t disturb any shoppers (other than his adoring fans). If you have a smol fry, he’ll love overseeing everything from his perch. Maybe he can pick out fabric for a new shopping cart liner. Who knew shopping could be so cozy?

2. Take a Potty Break

It’s easy to get swept up in the wonder of a craft store fur hours. Make sure pup (and you) take a potty break before heading into the store. Lifting legs and leaving logs indoors is a big no no! Should an accident occur, be prepared with supplies to clean up the mess.

3. Pack Treats and Toys

Hobby Lobby is a Mastiff place with lots of smells and sounds. Fren may get overwhelmed and act less than her perfect self. Have treats on hand to distract pup from any commotion. There are lots o’ soft and stuffy biteables at Hobby Lobby, so bring a toy to lower your chances of having to buy everything pup bites. Maybe that’s her evil scheme? 

Live a Creative Life With Your Best Fren

Be sure to call your local Hobby Lobby before heading in with your creative supervisor. The pet policy can vary from store to store. If they do allow dogs, read through our tips before embarking on the crafting adventure of your pup’s dreams!

Does your local Hobby Lobby allow dogs? If yes, pawlease bark at us in the comments with the location.

Featured photo: Peter Plashkin

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