Local Rescue Writes Brutally Honest (and Hilarious) Adoption Profile

We were cracking up — and oh-so-touched — when we came across the hilarious adoption profile for “Lucky Penny,” available for adoption from Pet Haven in Minneapolis.

Described as “an adorable ankle-biter and all-around snarky Chihuahua,” Penny is six years old and six pounds.

“Penny is a bit of a nutcase…socially awkward,” the profile explains. “She also really likes her stuff. And by ‘her stuff’ we mean, if you try to take things away from her, she’ll resist. Like full-on Che Guevara resistance. All she needs is the beret.”

In the plus column, Penny loves walks, fetch, and car rides. Her fosters know the perfect-for-Penny home exists: “Somewhere out there is someone whose life will be better with Penny, and god love you for it! Someone that she’ll make laugh every day and someone whose lap she’ll keep warm. We’re going to find that person. And they’ll be so happy when we do.”

As for the strategy behind Penny’s new profile, “After three months in foster care, Penny’s fosters have had enough sugar-coating with potential adopters, who hear about Penny’s behavior and go running for the hills,” explains Kate Mudge, Executive Director of Pet Haven. “So they’ve decided to be up-front about Penny’s not-so-friendly side so adopters know just what they’re applying for.”

Penny’s fosters are hoping this eye-catching, brutally honest profile will help Penny adopted in time for Valentine’s Day. Pet Haven has also reduced her adoption fee to just $14 through 2/14.

Spread the woof, ’cause we’re rooting hard for this discount doggo. ♥

Have you ever adopted a dog who was a little, um, complicated? Tell us all about your lovable lemon in the comments!


Penny, before and after getting pulled from the shelter:

3 thoughts on “Local Rescue Writes Brutally Honest (and Hilarious) Adoption Profile

  1. Debbie

    YES! We rescued our Murphy and he is, well to say the least, also complicated! He came to us with a broken hip (most likely from a kick) and a lot of baggage. He loves me!! Not so much other people. However, we had an amazing trainer come in from Bark Busters and he taught us how to deal with Murphy. Murphy has a code word that we use when he gets out of hand. He retreats promptly to his kennel (safe place). We also realize his shortcomings when it comes to visitors and we don’t put him in those situations. He will be fine around people and then suddenly forget that he likes them and come out snarling. Code word – Retreat! It’s a cycle. But we love him and would never give him up. When it’s just my husband and I – Murphy gets along just fine with his canine & feline siblings. In case anyone is wondering, we’ve had him 3 years now. Again, he’s our ‘work in progress’ and we will never give up on him.

  2. Annette

    My little chihuahua lemon ended up at Animal Ark in Hastings after “being hit by a car”, so they say. He had been returned at least twice, for various reasons: biting kids, peeing all over the carpet, barking in the apartment and general aggressive behavior. He could only go to a house, a house without kids. Enter me, the day he was returned, again, with $49 Groupon in hand. He came home with me. I instantly became his one and only. He bites anyone the comes near me. He is my shadow. My protector. I love him beyond words. He was meant for me. My Groupon puppy.


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