Wanted: 12 Very Good Hoomans Fur Sidewalk Dog Website Usability Study

To celebrate 11 years of helping dogs and hoomans do life together, we’re excited to announce a refresh of the Sidewalk Dog online expawrience! And with your input, we’re gonna make it fur-tastic on all devices (lookin’ at you, smartphones)—and make it EASIER than ever for you and your pups to live the dog-friendliest lives paws-ible.

We’re working with UX gurus at KRUTSCH to compare the current SidewalkDog.com experience with a new, proposed design, and we’d ruv your feedback. All info will remain strictly confidential.

We’ll be conducting 15-minute in-person interviews from 4 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10, at The Reserve at 4940 W. 77th St. in Edina.

Also in it fur you: Each participant will get a Sidewalk Dog T-shirt, as well as a Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass or Dog-Friendly Treat Pass!

Interested? Right this way to sign up.

(Photo by nensuria on Canva)

Sidewalk Dog’s mission is to help dog parents spend more time with their puppers by discovering and sharing activities they can do and places they can go—together! Sniff out our award-winning newsletter and Instagram, then join our Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook Group.

2 thoughts on “Wanted: 12 Very Good Hoomans Fur Sidewalk Dog Website Usability Study

  1. Megan VanDiver

    CLOSED: Sidewalk Dog User Interview Candidate
    Thank you for your interest in our Sidewalk Dog User Interview. Participation in this usability study is not closed.

    Is it “now” closed?

    Love to join if not!

    Less bark, more wag,


    p.s: I’m not trying to be nit-picky!

    1. Andrea Lahouze Post author

      Hi Meg! Yes, it is now* closed. Puppreciate your willingness to pawticipate, though! Stay tuned for more opportunities. 🙂


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