Help Minnesota End Pet Store Sales of Dogs from Puppy Mills

All puppies are angels worthy of love, but selling puppies from high-volume, commercial breeding operations (AKA puppy mills) ain’t cute. And helping sustain inhumane breeders (the *worst* kind of humans) and an outdated and cruel business model is not how anypawdy oughta spend her hard-earned bones. But a new Minnesota Humane Pet Store Bill has been introduced, and with your help, we could be the next state to ban pet store sales of dogs from puppy mills! (And isn’t being super nice to puppers basically the most Minnesotan thing we could do?)

Thanks to pawesome readers like you, Sidewalk Dog has helped pass the MN Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill (2014) to require licensed and inspected breeders and St. Paul’s Humane Pet Store Ordinance (2018) to ban sales of puppies and kittens from puppy mills. Now we’re counting on you guys to be doggone heroes again! Are you pup for the challenge?

Sen. Karla Bigham and Rep. Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn announced they’ve introduced a bill (SF 3307/HF 3369) to prohibit all Minnesota pet stores from selling puppies and kittens from those puggin’ awful mills. They say the bill (which only impacts puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats) will drive the pet market towards more humane sources like shelters, rescues, and responsible breeders, while still allowing pet stores to host adoption events with shelters and rescues. 

Ready to help this puppy pass? Here are three things you can do right now:

1. Call your legislators. Find out who represents you here, then call and let them know you’re a constituent and you’d like them to support the Minnesota Humane Pet Store Bill.

2. Email your legislators. If your pup is fired up about this and won’t stop barking in the background, it’s okay to send an email instead. You can use this form or write your own. Here’s what you can say:

Subject Line: Re: Minnesota Humane Pet Store Bill 

Dear Senator (or Representative), 

I’m writing in support of the Minnesota Humane Pet Store Bill, which would ban pet stores from selling puppies and kittens from inhumane commercial breeders. It is documented that puppy mills disregard the wellbeing of animals for profit and supply Minnesota pet stores with puppies and kittens. A humane pet store bill will protect innocent animals from suffering and promote more responsible adoption methods. Thank you for considering my support of this bill.



3. Share this article like a mother pupper! And tell your friends and family members that under federal law, commercial breeders can legally confine dogs and cats to cages only six inches larger than themselves for their entire lives. If they don’t care, delete them from Facebook and your life. (I mean at least keep ‘em in the doghouse for a few days, okay?)

Three states (MD, CA, ME) and more than 340 local jurisdictions – including Roseville, Eden Prairie, and St. Paul – have passed similar humane pet store laws. How are you gonna help make sure Minnesota’s next? Bark at us in the comments.

(Photo by Berkay Gumustekin)

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