7 Heated Patios in Chicago for Winter Woofers

There are two things that you can guarantee about the Midwest: it’s pretty darn flat, and you’re going to experience all four seasons. While summer in Chicago may be gorgeous, the colder temps don’t mean that al fresco dining has to go away! Leash up pup, and check out these dog-friendly heated patios in Chicago so date night can keep happening all winter long. 

As a note, while the patios may be heated, sometimes winter can be brutal. Call ahead to ensure that the temps/conditions allow for the patio to be open.

1. Park & Field

I was promised a park and field, but I guess I’ll accept a dog menu. | @phoebethehounddog

As one of the most dog-friendly spots in Chicago, Park & Field is the perfect spot during all seasons. With plenty of fire pits, yurts, and a covered patio, you won’t need to be cuddling pup to stay warm (but you can if you want to). Both of you better bring an appetite since they even have a dog menu with the staples. 

2. Paradise Park

It’s common knowledge that paradise includes dogs, and Paradise Park definitely got that memo. Their paradise also includes pizzas, pink flamingos, swingsets, and a covered patio so you and your dog can get photos for her Insta no matter the weather. 

3. Pizza Lobo

What’s better than pizza and inventive cocktails? Nothing, except maybe their fried cauliflower appetizer and being able to share it with your bestie. Pizza Lobo‘s expansive patio has both a covered and uncovered portion, along with industrial heaters and a fire pit, so you’re guaranteed to be toasty.

4. Happy Camper (Wrigleyville)

Just like its sibling, Paradise Park, Happy Camper also features a covered patio that’s dog-friendly. With fun events like Bingo and music nights, this is the spot for your party pup. However, if Fido isn’t the biggest fan of bumpin’ beats and other loud noises, it may be best to get your pizza to go. 

If you put a little bit of cider in that bowl, I promise I’m 21 in dog years. | @norpup

5. Eris Brewery and Cider House

This Irving Park spot right off the highway lures you in with their beers and ciders, but gets you to stay with their amazing food. While pup’s just along for the ride, he’ll definitely appreciate the heated patios and water bowls. 

Their patio is not covered, so definitely call ahead before heading over in case the temps and snow means that they’re not doing outdoor service. 

6. Pilot Project

All you need for a good time is a dog and some beers, but a Bavarian pretzel definitely wouldn’t hurt. While their patio always had heat sources, they stepped up their game this year with a brand new pup-friendly tent. Now rain or shine, sleet or snow, the beers don’t have to stop (and neither does doggy date night). 

7. The Moonlighter

This neighborhood hang isn’t just dog-friendly, it’s also vegan-friendly! With casual food and delicious cocktails, this year-round patio just put up their tents and added extra heaters for the chilly months. Don’t forget to stop by on Tuesday for their great Taco Tuesday deals on tacos, shots, and margaritas. 

What are your favorite dog-friendly, heated patios in Chicago? Woof at us in the comments, and tag us #SidewalkDog on your patio adventure pics! 

Featured photo: Caleb Fisher

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