Half-Day Dog-Friendly Outings For You and Your Pup During the Pandemic

Editor’s note: Out of concern for the safety of our readers, we’ve taken down this article to do more research and determine if we’re able to provide enough information for folks to visit these Wildlife Management Areas (WPAs) and Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs), which are open to hunters, safely and responsibly. Thank you to those who reached out to make us aware. We always want to put reader safety first, and we’re sincerely sorry.

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(Photo by Rob Johnstone)

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One thought on “Half-Day Dog-Friendly Outings For You and Your Pup During the Pandemic

  1. Holly

    For us hunters who use this land in the fall for our food source, I’m really disappointed. Birds have just begun nesting. Pheasant who made it though winter who don’t need any dog breed coming up into the grasses to disturb them. Sending the message that this is a great option for your untrained dog to run around on is so disappointing.


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