Guide to Dog-Friendly Chicago Coffee Shops

Mornings can be ruff, but they’re not so bad when you can have your #1 best bud and favorite a.m. pick-me-up all in one place. Here are our favorite dog-friendly Chicago coffee shops for a cup of coffee and a little *pet-working.*

Sleeping Village
Sleeping Village has developed quite a following for its evening headliners, but we think the opening act’s even better! We’re thrilled that they serve up coffee and cozy vibes during the day. They’re dog-friendly inside until around 7 p.m. and offer an ideal spot to get a little work done (or discuss pawlitics. Whatever). Pro-tip: after you’re good and caffeinated, head down Milwaukee to dog-friendly Record Breakers.

Star Lounge (and the Dark Matter Mothership)
Both Star Lounge and the Dark Matter Mothership welcome dogs outside on their patios. Serving not only as a coffee shop but also a de facto community center, Star Lounge is a great spot for your dog to run into basically everyone he knows. And if he’s really good, maybe you’ll gib an ice cream from Liz’s Pet Shop on the way home?

Purple Llama
The staff here doesn’t just allow dogs—they LOVE dogs. Purple Llama features a rotating selection of coffee, vinyl, and real good doggos. In summary, all purchases come with a complimentary staff squee and your pup can browse for records while you wait for your drink. After you’ve had your puppuccino, grab a cupcake down the street at Doggy Style or take a 12-minute stroll to play with all the cuties at the Wicker Dog Friendly Area.

Elevate Coffee
The only thing better than Samoas lattes are Samoas snuggles, are we right? Boystown’s Elevate Coffee welcomes puppers and even keeps a stash of Milk-Bones by the door for ‘em. Finally, a coffee shop who knows that good boys and girls can’t wait ’til they get to the counter for snacks.

Smack Dab Chicago
Smack Dab serves yummy coffee and life-changing sandwiches, and your pup has always wanted to change her life. Born as a farmer’s market pop-up, this fave has options for all kinds of eaters. Hit up the HEATED dog-friendly patio and share something toasty with your #1.

Okay, okay. Estereo is technically not a coffee shop. It’s a bar that happens to be open in the day. But we’re not here to judge, and you’re not drinking alone if you bring your dog. Plus, you and your dog are gonna look amazing in your disco wall bathroom selfies, and they have coffee, so start your day your heckin’ way. Wrap it up with a leisurely walk through Palmer Square, or if you’re feeling energetic, wander down Altgeld over to the Logan Square Dog Park.

(Photo by @purplellamachicago via Instagram)

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