Gotcha Day Gifts for the Best Dog on Earth

Two most important days in your life: the day you’re born, and the day you meet your dog. And to be honest, she deserves the biggest party ever for fixing your life. Celebrate in style with these 7 incredible Gotcha Day gifts!

1. A Gotcha Day lawn sign so the entire neighborhood understands this momentous occasion.

A colorful lawn sign that says "Happy Gotcha Day Coco"
BigDotOfHappiness on Etsy

Impress Carol from down the street with an eye-catching custom sign. Printed on waterproof corrugated plastic, this sign’ll hold up even if some ruder dog whose parents did not love him enough to get a yard sign commits an act of vandalism.

Get it on Etsy for $27.99.

2. These vegan Gotcha Day dog cookies to honor your boi’s presence and his ethics.

Rustic custom dog treats in cake, bone, and heart shapes.
LoveEnzoDogTreats on Etsy

What better way to say “Hey, thanks for living here,” than some vegan nutty butter banana treats? This pack comes with 2 cakes, 2 large bones, and 6 hearts.  

Get it on Etsy for $10.25.

3. This stylish bandana that’ll tell the world it’s his special day.

A brown dog and a white dog wearing pink bandanas that say "It's my Gotcha Day!"
LittlePupsBoutiqueCo on Etsy

Your bestie will be a vision in this shade of pink. As one reviewer states, does it really get much cuter than this?

Get it on Etsy starting at $8.

4. This Gotcha Day cake topper that’ll make your attempt at cake look more like a cake.

A gold glittery "Happy Gotcha Day" cake topper on a cake with white frosting.
HelloStubbyLou on Etsy

You learned how to bake for this occasion—shouldn’t you make sure at least *part* of your cake looks good? This cake topper (available in 11 colors!) will fix any culinary Pinterest fail.

Get it on Etsy for $8.95.

5. A dapper Gotcha Day bowtie to make your dog look absolutely dashing.

A blue bowtie with yellow hearts that says "Gotcha Day" in white
LittleOsBows on Etsy

Sometimes you just wanna bust out a special outfit for a special occasion, you know? Available in 4 sizes, this bowtie’ll make your boy feel like a million bucks.

Get it on Etsy starting at $9.50.

6. This Happy Dog Meal because she deserves it.

A Happy Dog meal with treats shaped like burgers, fries, and cookies next to a yellow fast food style box.
AnniesPoochPops on Etsy

What do you get the dog that has everything? A human-grade Happy Dog Meal (so you can share, obvs). So go ahead and sneak a bite of her bacon cheeseburger, french fries, and yogurt cookies. We know you’re curious.

Get it on Etsy for $9.99.

7. And this Gotcha Day Banner because subtlety isn’t our strong suit, either.

A wall banner that says "It's my Gotcha Day mother puppers" on a white wall with Corgi heads and hearts all around.
PanPatten on Etsy

I mean, might as well leave it up all year.

Get it on Etsy for $14.95.

Which of these Gotcha Day gifts are you getting for your #1? Woof at us in the comments and be sure to tag us in all those party pics!

Featured photo: Anna Shvetz

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