A Good Dog’s Guide to Doggie Daycare

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Whether you’re a new puppy parent looking to tucker out your terrier or a long-time owner needing a break from your hyper hound, doggie daycare could be just the ticket. In this edition of our Good Dog’s Guide series, we’ll teach you how to choose a doggie daycare facility and make sure your pup is ready for the fun!

Know thy dog.

A romp at doggie daycare with your pooch’s puppy pals can be both physically and mentally exhausting. For under-socialized, aggressive, or nervous dogs, the overstimulation of daycare can be a negative experience. No one knows your canine kid better than you, and ultimately, daycare isn’t for every pooch. Not sure if Rover’s ready? Consult a trainer.

Ask around.

Let’s face it: everyone’s got an opinion, and in this instance, that’s great! See if your vet or trainer has daycare recommendations; ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers where they take their best bud; check out local resources (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). This is one of those rare times when information overload does you and your pup a favor.

Inquire within. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There’s a myriad of major inquiries to make when selecting a daycare facility and the pros at Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding in Minneapolis offer up some great starters. “How does the facility separate the dogs (size, temperament and/or play style)? Are the playrooms supervised at all times? How does the staff interact with the dogs to correct behavior?” Find out if there are breed restrictions, and learn as much as you can so you feel confident dropping off your pooch.

Check it out. 

You wouldn’t leave your biped kid with a sitter you’ve never met, right? Well, same goes for your pooch. Daycare facilities jump at the chance to show you around and give you the deets on what makes them great, so take the chance to get a vibe for the staff and the environment.

Sleepover Etiquette. 

Boarding your pooch while you’re out of town? Make sure you’ve packed all of Sadie’s creature comforts, from her favorite toy to her preferred food and treats. Nicole Boe at Dog Day Getaway in Apple Valley reminds us, “Boarding can be stressful for (even) the easiest going dog. If your dog doesn’t eat great while they’re away, that is perfectly normal.” Having her favorites along will help her get more comfortable in a new space.

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