Good Dog’s Guide to Taproom Etiquette

Pooch-n-patio season doesn’t last all year, but you can still enjoy your favorite pint indoors in any temp or weather. And thanks to a Great Dane-sized selection of dog-friendly indoor taprooms popping up, Fido can join you, too! Before you start brewery hopping, freshen up on your dog-friendly taproom etiquette with this list of doggy doos and don’ts:

1. Know thy pooch. With so many people, pups, smells, and sights to take in, not every dog is a good candidate for taproom lounging. So take stock: Will this be an enjoyable or anxious experience for your pooch? You should feel confident in your pup’s willingness to make new fur-iends, and stay in tune with their body language during your outing together.

2. Leash smart. Choose a well-fitted collar and a leash that is 6 feet or shorter in length. And for dog’s sake – no retractables.

3. Mind your (dog’s) manners. Paws on the furniture, whiny begging, excessive barking, and the like are major no-nos. Basic obedience training and an energy outlet will help ensure your pooch is on his best behavior. Also be aware that by law, employees aren’t allowed to pet your doggo (though they’ll certainly be tempted!), so keep your pooch near you and avoid jumping on or visiting unsuspecting employees or customers.

4. Keep calm. A worn-out pup is a paw-fect taproom pup! Whether it’s a walk, a romp in our local dog parks, or a game of fetch or tug of war, be sure you’ve given your dog an opportunity to shake out the sillies and take care of business before setting up camp.

5. BYO bowl. Bring your own water bowl to ensure your pup stays hydrated. But don’t let your dog eat or drink anything intended for human consumption. Important to note: Hops are highly toxic to dogs and can be fatal, so never share your beer with with your bow-wow. Ring up the Pet Poison Helpline at 855-764-7661 in an emergency.

6. Clean up. Accidents happen. Be sure to clean up after your pooch if he gets the urge to go inside, and keep bags handy just as you would for a walk.

7. Be sure your beagle is legal. Four-legged patrons should be licensed in your city or county.

(Photo by KME Photography)

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