5 Paw-Dropping Ways to Bike with Your Dog

Photo: @porter_the_pupper

Most dogs and their humans enjoy a long W-A-L-K, but there’s another four-letter word sure to get your pup’s tail wagging: bike! A range of setups are available for every type of dog: from high-energy, athletic pooches to those with physical limitations due to age or injury.

Safety should be your first priority, but you can have tons of floppy-eared fun if you take the proper precautions.

Thanks to our Facebook friends, we sniffed out five ways to bike with your dog:

1. Use a Buddyrider to keep your pint-sized pal as close as possible.

how to bike with a dog

Oh captain, my pointy-eared captain. Photo: Stephanie Gehrls

2. Try a bike trailer, like this one from Burley, to make your furry friend feel like a puppy again! (Or look to other SWD fan-approved bike trailers from Sepnine).

how to bike with a dog

“Mooom. He’s touching me.” Photo: Emily Berezni

3. If you have an energetic pup (and a water bottle to keep them cool!), you could try a Walky Dog Bicycle Leash.

how to bike with a dog

Be sure to keep a tiny-leg-friendly pace! Photo: Stephanie Gehrls

4. If you have a really energetic dog, corral their need for speed with a bikejoring setup.

how to bike with a dog

What do you mean, “really high energy?” WEEEE! Photo: Jess Kittredge

5. If your dog isn’t afraid to fetch some attention, consider dressing up a typical bicycle basket for your pampered pooch. (They make baskets just for dogs, too!)

how to bike with a dog

You can’t beat the classics. Photo: Heather Hanna

Whatever you do, be sure to remember the golden rule of doggy exercise in warm weather: keep your furry companions well-hydrated, and know their limits.

Happy riding, SWDers!

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