Spaw Day: How to Give Your Dog a Facial

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Thank Dog that 2020 is over. The stress of last year has Fluffy feeling like she has a few more wrinkles… and not in the cute, bulldog kind of way. Embrace a new 2021 resolution of finding a moment to treat yo’self, and try some DIY facials (and a new dog facial recipe!) with your pooch to help melt away the stress.

There are a pup ton of benefits to facials for your dog (just like there are for humans!) such as improving skin health, removing tear stains, and helping curb inflammation. Of course, don’t forget to take this at your pup’s speed–save the zoomies for the dog park and don’t rush into anything she may not be comfortable with!

Canine Calm Aromatherapy


Everypuppy knows that aromatherapy is a crucial part to any good spaw experience. No one’s relaxing to the smell of wet dog! Start off your pampering right by spraying some Canine Calm aromatherapy spray. Nothing sets the mood for relaxing more than the smell of dog-friendly essential oils like lavender and tangerine.

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

DIY Blueberry Facial Recipe

All you need to pamper your pooch are two simple ingredients–blueberries and coconut oil. Coconut oil has lauric acid, a fatty acid that helps penetrate hair shafts, which helps fur look shinier and makes it less prone to damage (Ooh paw la!). Blueberries are known to be full of antioxidants (and heckin’ tasty too). 

Mix a quarter cup of blueberries with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil until it’s smooth. Apply the mixture to your pup’s face, massaging it into the fur, folds, and jowls. Make sure to be careful around the eyes! Both of these ingredients are dog-friendly, so no worries if they’re feeling snacky instead of relax-y about their masks. Leave it on for up to 15 minutes, then use a cloth with warm water to wash it off. 

Facials to Buy

We totally get if you’re not feeling the DIY route. Check out some of these pre-made versions that we know will leave your dog woofin’ for more.

1. AllPetNaturals South Bark’s – 3 in 1 Blueberry Facial


The folks at South Bark agree that blueberry is the way to go. This three-in-one product can be used as a facial, shampoo, and overall brightener; Fido’s working hard and he expects his products to do that too.

Get it on Amazon for $19.97.

2. Warren London Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial


For the dog whose boss is on their tail to get quarterly reports done, a spaw day may not be the priority right now. This foaming facial doesn’t need to be washed out so your business pup can sneak in some R&R between Zoom meetings.

Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

How are you and your pup relaxing this week? What’s your favorite dog facial recipe? Woof at us in the comments below and paw-lease tag @sidewalkdog on Instagram in any pup facial pics!

Featured photo by Miguel Andrade

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