10 Prezzies for New Dog Parents

2020 may be an actual trash fire, but new dogs are having the best year ever. Everypawdy and their ma got a new dog this year. We sniffed out 9 perfect gifts for new dog parents. Check out our picks for useful (and of course adorable) prezzies for the new good boy or girl in your life.

1. A doggo first aid kit that is both v cool and fashionable.

Smiling dog at a lake wearing a camouflage dog first aid kit

Get it on Amazon for $32.90.

2. A deshedding tool that removes more loose dog hair than you knew your dog even had (sorcery).

Man petting his German Shepherd dog behind a huge pile of dog hair that has been brushed off of the dog

Get it on Amazon for $33.95.

3. A stylish and secure leash you can hook to a patio chair or table without unhooking it (so that retractable can go to doggy heaven where it belongs).

Smiling yellow lab laying down under a table on a patio

Get it from yours drooly for $23.00.

4. …And a martingale collar so the prong can go right to doggy h*ck.

Gray bully breed dog wearing a fashionable martingale collar in a fun print

Get it on Amazon for $11.99-13.99.

5. An Easy Walk harness to help those noobz walk their pulling pups with…well, *ease*. 

Black lab type dog wearing a neon green Easy Walk harness

Get it on Amazon for $29.99.

6. A 2-pack of KONG Classics so your friend can always have one in the freezer.

Happy brown dog playing with a KONG while laying down

Get ‘em on Amazon for $23.69.

7. A slow feeder to make meal time safe, fun, and longer than 6 seconds.

Fluffy black dog eating kibble out of a purple slow feeder

Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

8. A rug cleaner that is somehow more effective than the giant rental machines (pure magic, truly).

Blue BISSELL rug cleaner, a great gift for new dog parents

Get it on Amazon for $239.90.

9. And a washable orthopedic dog bed to prepare the new pawrent for the jarring realization that is understanding how frequently dogs throw up on these things.

Happy Pomeranian wearing a crown on a gray washable orthopedic dog bed

Get it on Amazon for $29.99.

10. A BarkBox pupscription to shower them with prezzies throughout the year.


What other prezzies would you pick out for new dog parents? Let us know in the comments!

Get it from BarkBox for $25/month 12-month subscription or $22/month for a 6-month subscription. AND get an extra month for free here.

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(Photo by Eric Ward)

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