6 Gear Recommendations for Active Dogs and Their People

This gear guide was brought to you by our pals at NutriSource. Pup’ll drool over their newly-formulated Jerky Treats, made from meat-rich and nutrient-dense ingredients (pawfect for active dogs!).

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of the great outdoors. To help humans and pups enjoy outings in the brrr-utal winter ahead, we bring you gear recommendations for active dogs. Bundle up and get ready to have a ball.

(Check out our face mask recs and gear to keep your dog busy, too.) 

1. Rhino Dog Snood

Woofing of fashion, this is the cutest knit snood in all the land. Bring a smile to everyone you pass on W-A-L-Ks while keeping your pet’s neck and ears warm and protected.  

Get it on Etsy starting at $17.

2. Step n’ Strobe Dog Shoes

Having to cut a winter walk short when your BFF’s paws get too cold or sidewalk-salty is a bummer. Keep him comfy with these durable, lightweight, light-up shoes. Bonus: Use ‘em in summer to protect from blacktop heat.

Get them at Petco starting at $64.79.

3. NutriSource Jerky Treats

Outdoor activities work up an appetite, so treat your four-legged adventure buddy to NutriSource‘s newest snack. These mouth-watering jerky treats come in four healthy, grain-free flavors and feature unique proteins like wild boar and quail. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t tempted to taste this meaty goodness ourselves.

Get them at your local independent retailer for around $8.50.

4. Musher’s Secret Paw Protector 

If your dog acts like they’re gonna die when you put on their booties, Musher’s Secret is a perennial favorite among outdoorsy dog lovers. A little smear of this ointment keeps ice, snow, and salt out of pup’s paws. 

Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

5. Reflective Leash

Stay safe and visible on walks with this reflective leash. (Because the sun sets at 4:30. It’s fine. We’re fine.)

Get it on Amazon for $15.96.

6. Personalized Leash Holder 

Finally, an active dog lover needs a spot to store their gear, and it doesn’t get much more adorable than this personalized leash holder. Available for 18 different breeds.

Get it on Etsy for $29.34.

What’s your fave gear for active dogs? Woof at us in the comments, and be sure to tag @sidewalkdog in your adventuring pics.

Featured photo: Hilary Bird

Family-owned NutriSource is dedicated to whole-body pet health, supporting independent pet retailers, and giving back to their community. Pup’ll drool over their newly-formulated Jerky Treats, made from meat-rich and nutrient-dense ingredients (pawfect for active dogs!).

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