11 Holiday Gifts that Help Denver Rescues

We know 2020 has been a giant yikes-fest, but luckily the howlidays are finally here. It’s the perfect time to calm the pup down, crawl out of your blanket fort, and get into the festive spirit. Lookin’ for gifts for doggos and dog lovers? Check out our list of holiday gifts that support Denver rescues.

1. Matching Lounge Pants and Dog Bandana 

Dumb Friends League of Denver

You know that ol’ adage about how dogs look like their hoomans? Now you can dress alike too! Stay cozy in pajama pants while your best fren sports a matching bandana. 100% of proceeds support 20,000+ homeless dogs, cats, and horses at the Dumb Friends League of Denver while they await their furever homes.

Get it at Dumb Friends League for $33-$35.

2. Regional Branch Manager Dog Tag

All Dogs Co

Your woof is top dog, so make it official with this adorable flair. All Dogs Co. was created by a volunteer for MaxFund, a no-kill shelter in Denver that takes in and nurtures injured animals with no known owners until they find their fam. Best of all, proceeds will provide three days of food to a shelter dog.

Get it at All Dogs Co for $15.

3. Paw Print Throw Pillow

Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue of Colorado

Dog-themed decor? Count us in! Snuggle up with this aesthetically pleasing paw print throw pillow, which helps the fine folks at Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue of Colorado. In addition to providing foster and rescue services, volunteers at Ho-Bo provide judge-free education to folks considering surrendering or adopting a boxer.

Get it at Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue of Colorado for $36.60.

4. Schnauzer Cell Phone Case

Colorado Miniature Schnauzer and Vintage Dog Rescue

Who can resist big puppy-dog eyes and a little beard? The vintage dog lover in your life will go mutts for this cell phone case. The big-hearted volunteers of Colorado Miniature Schnauzer and Vintage Dog Rescue will be grateful for your purchase, which funds their foster-based rescue that focuses on older Schnauzer pups. 

Get it at Colorado Miniature Schnauzer and Vintage Dog Rescue for $33.50.

5. Future Animal Rescuer Baby Onesie


Sure, your dog might have been a little jealous of the lil’ one in your life at first. But once doggo realized the baby basically sleeps, drools, and snuggles just like her, they’ve become friends. Keep your tiny hooman swaddled in this onesie, which helps PawsCo do a yearround pet food drive and foster animals.

Get it from PawsCo for $25.

6. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Life Is Better Rescue

Stay hydrated on your Mile High trail and hiking adventures with this classic, sleek water bottle. All proceeds go to Life Is Better Rescue, which has facilitated 7,709 Colorado pet adoptions since 2011.

Get it at Life Is Better Rescue for $10.

7. Fleece Picnic Blanket

Colorado Pug Rescue

Use this blanket for hanging out in the park with your pup on one of Denver’s perfect sunny days or having a pretend picnic in your living room just for funsies. Proceeds support Colorado Pug Rescue, which provides veterinary care, fostering, and adoption services for Pugs in Colorado and surrounding states. 

Get it from the Colorado Pug Rescue for $10

8. Boston Terrier Enamel Pin

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

We think this cowboy Boston Terrier pin is the most darling little stocking stuffer and would make perfect flair for your purse, hat, or shirt. Profits go directly to MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue, which serves this endearing breed in Colorado and nearby states.

Get it from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue for $5

9. Got Drool? Coffee Mug

Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue

Dog lovers all know that drool comes with the territory, so might as well embrace it with this mug. We suggest putting coffee in it, but won’t judge if you need to make it a little stronger. Proceeds from this mug benefit Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue, a rescue that’s saving the world 150 pounds at a time.

Get it from Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue for $10

10. Big Mutts Varsity Hoodie 

Save the Giants

While we do indeed like big mutts & we cannot lie,  the punny message on the back of this hoodie comes with a deeper meaning. The front of the hoodie is emblazoned with Save the Giants, a Colorado-based rescue focusing on Great Danes, Saint Bernards, English Mastiffs, and Great Pyrenees. 

Get it from Save the Giants for $49.

11. Dog Print Face Mask

All Breed Rescue and Training

Stay safe and healthy in style by showin’ off your love of dogs with this cute face mask. Your purchase will help rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome doggos in southern Colorado. 

Get it at All Breed Rescue and Training for $10.

What else is on your holiday shopping list for your friends, family, and dogs? Woof at us in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Denver Facebook Group

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