Gift Guide for Outdoor Adventurer Dogs

We make a grrreat team, Mom.

If your doggo ruvs the great outdoors, here are some great finds to keep four-legged adventurers (and their hoomans) safe, comfortable, and happy. Sniff ‘em all out at Copilot Dog Outfitters in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, one of our fave spots for pawesomely durable dog gear (and free scritches). If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to meet Copilot’s shop dog, Audrey.

Single & Double Layer Dog Fleeces by Goldpaw ($22-48)

These fleeces are a basic essential for our pups of the North, especially if they have flat coats or no undercoat. They’re soft, SUPER stretchy (i.e. easy on and off), and versatile—great for wearing alone or layering under winter coats. Plus, they come in so many colors and sizes, from teeny-tiny to gentle giant. A few of our pack’s dogs live in these puppies. We kinda want a different color for every day of the week.

Approach Pack by Ruffwear ($79.95)

Let Fido lighten your load on your day hike or overnight adventure. This everyday dog pack is comfortable and fits exceptionally well (no chafing). Pupper’ll be so paw-roud. And your back will be so thankful.

K9 Sport Sack ($69.95-$89.95)

Or…you can carry your pooch like the spoiled bebe he is in your heart. This backpack-style pet carrier is flexible, breathable, lightweight, and lets your dog face forward so he can catch all the views during your hike or bike ride. For the love of dog, please take a photo and tag #SidewalkDog.

Me & My Dog Medical Kit by Adventure Medical Kits ($50)

Adventure pup or couch potato, y’all need a doggo-human first-aid kit. Among the dog items: a pet first aid manual, a splinter/tick remover, and an elastic bandage that lets you wrap injuries without it sticking to fur. (Here’s how to tell if it’s a tick bite or a fly bite.)

Protective Eyewear by Rex Specs ($79.95)

Fast speeds to thick woods, these doggo goggles look hella cool and also protect pupper’s eyes from UV rays, dust, bugs (ew), wind, and scratches and punctures from sticks and thorns. She’ll feel unstoppable. Hey, wait up!

Fair Trade, Organic Specialty Coffees by Grounds & Hounds ($13.95)

Okay, this one’s for the hoomans because hey, a caffeinated cuppa joe gives us energy to keep up with the pups. In this case, it also supports animal rescue: 20 percent of all Grounds & Hounds profits are given to rescue organizations, including local nonprofit Secondhand Hounds.

Wunderballs ($11.99-$13.99)

Great for super-chewers, these puppies are made of natural rubber and latex for extreme durability and bounciness. They float, their imperfect spheres bounce unpredictably, heck, they even clean your dog’s teeth! There are three sizes and five colors for your fetching paw-leasure.

Paw & Snout Soothers by Natural Dog Company ($4.95-$17.95)

That nose and those paws work hard on the trail. Protect and heal ‘em from the elements with organic, vegan, non-staining balms you can carry with you.

Highlands Sleeping Bag by Ruffwear ($99.95)

Send pupper off to sweet dreams in a sleeping bag just her size (and then Instagram her sleeping because OMD fur cute). It’s warm, soft, durable, and packable. We’re even tempted to buy ‘em for summer “camping” in the backyard.

All Natural Pet Odor Candles by Kin + Kind ($11.99)

And when the adventuring is done? Head home and light this candle in lieu of the standard-issue wet-dog smell. It’s pet-safe, plant-based, and made with 100% natural soy and cotton wicks for a clean burn. See ya on the trail again soon, little doggies.


Copilot Dog Outfitters in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis offers professional grooming services and active outdoor dog gear for your best friend: your “copilot” in all your shared adventures.


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