Gift Guide for Naughty Dogs 2019

What do you gift the household instigator for the howlidays? Here are a few ideas that’ll save both your sanities.

1. Tell your guests how to deactivate the home security system:

gift guide for naughty dogs
Water Guard Just Text Us Floor Mat, In The Company Of Dogs, $49.95

2. Give your slipper bandit a pair fur keeps:

gift guide for naughty dogs
BarkBox for Target, $7.99

3. And assure your Stage 5 Clinger the treatos’ll keep comin’ even when you’re gone:

gift guide for naughty dogs
Furbo, Amazon, $149

4. Give your neighborhood snooper what he really wants—to see what’s on the other side of that dang fence!

gift guide for naughty dogs
Pet Peek Fence Window, Amazon, $36.99

5. Make mealtime last longer than 20 seconds:

gift guide for naughty dogs
Decyam Slow Feeder Pet Bowl, $8.99

6. And remember: once a rogue pee-er, always a rogue pee-er.

gift guide for naughty dogs
Petmaker WaterProof Pet Blanket, $33.09

What else are you gifting your furkid (who’s lucky he’s cute)? Woof at us in the comments.

(Photo by Adrianna Calvo)

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