Gift Guide for Dog Lovers with a New Baby

Shopping for a dog-loving human who recently welcomed a new baby into the house? We’ve got a bundle of joyful gift ideas:

  1. THE most-requested holiday gift for new parents? A night out! Our Brewery Pass will score ’em FREE beer at 10 local taprooms, and they can even bring their pooch along. (You’d get extra points for offering to watch the tiny human while they partake in the fun, but we won’t judge if you want to leave that to the professionals and join them for a beer.)

2. New parents are frequently trapped on the sofa for long feedings. Keep a pupper moving without the humans having to lift more than a a finger with this handheld treat launcher:

3. Long W-A-L-Ks may be a thing of the past — at least temporarily. Delight the doggo with something that’ll keep her brain busy and her tummy full, like this kibble-dispensing puzzle (when the kiddo gets old enough, this contraption would probably work for Cheerios, too):

4. Make sure the newest member of the household has a pup-approved outfit:

5. Finally, don’t forget the book that’ll indoctrinate the new baby with wag-worthy values, like the importance of rescue (editor’s note: We have this at home and it’s adorable):

Know of a cool product you’d like to see featured here? Woof at us in the comments!

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