6 Get Well Soon Gifts for Dogs

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Dogs don’t know that they’re invincible, and they’re not gonna learn that today since they can’t read the dictionary. Between eating trash and doing parkour tricks off your furniture, they’re bound to get a boo-boo or two. For the times when pupper needs a little TLC, read on for some get well soon gifts for dogs that’ll have him back to normal in no time.

1. Ice cream for her sick day.

Everyone knows the best part of being sick is getting to sit on the couch, eat snacks, and watch Wheel of Fortune. Well, if pup could speak, she’d be saying, “Pat, I’d like to buy an I for Ice cream!” Just add water and freeze to make this delicious treat

Get it on Amazon for $8.99.

2. A box of cookies to send your well wishes.

Your dog regularly eats Dinner à la Trash (which may be how she ended up in this situation), so these hand-decorated cookies will be just the special treat to help her feel better. Made from human-grade ingredients, pup’ll know that you’re sending her the best of vibes, even if she can’t read the messages.

Get it on Amazon for $44.95.

3. A snuffle mat to exercise pup’s mind.

A tired pup is a good pup, but it may be hard to tire him out if he’s supposed to be on bed rest. For the dog who’s needing a bit of R&R, try exercising his mind. A snuffle mat will have him using his super sniffer to find the kibble or treats in the puzzle. While he may be only going for walks around the block, his brain will feel like it just ran a marathon.

Get it on Amazon for $36.99.

4. A chew toy to keep pup occupied.

Even the chew-siest pup’ll love a Benebone! These durable chew toys are flavored with 100% real bacon and designed to be ergo-paw-mic for all paws to enjoy. If doggo can’t stop chewing on his stitches or bandages, distract him with something he’s supposed to chew on instead.

Get it on Amazon for $10.49.

5. A comfort toy for snuggles. 

What kind of monster wouldn’t want to cuddle their dog all day? We know, but hear us out, you may not be able to spend all day comforting her, so outsource some of that work with a puppy snuggle toy. While these are often used to comfort puppies after being separated from their litter, the steady heartbeat and warmers will have them feeling like you never left.

Get it on Amazon for $39.95.

6. An enrichment toy your dog’ll get a lick out of.

Enrichment is like the dog-equivalent of sneaking veggies into a kid’s meal; it’s good for them and they don’t even realize they’re doing it. A Lickimat is the trifecta. 1. It’s an enriching way for your dog to eat her food. 2. It slows her down to help her digestion. 3. The textured surface can be soothing and relaxing when licked. She’ll be so entertained, she’ll forget all about the things she can’t do right now. Sniff out Lickimat recipes for dogs here.

Get it on Amazon for $13.95.

What does your dog like to have when they need some R&R? Woof at us in the comments! 

Featured photo: Robert Thiemann

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