5 Things to Consider When Finding a Dog-Friendly Condo

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Home is where your heart is. For you, dear Sidewalk Doggers, it’s also where your dog is. But one of the biggest challenges we pet owners face is how to find a dog-friendly condo. Many would-be condo dwellers quickly discover that it’s tough to find out which buildings are pet-friendly, as well as determine specific pet policies, which can vary from place to place.

If you’re sniffing out a new home for you and your canine, check out our tips on what to consider when choosing a condo that allows dogs.

Condo Tips

  1. Inquire about any pawssible pet fees and confirm the building’s specific pet policies before making an offer. Even buildings that allow dogs can be strict about specifics like breed, size, and number of pets. 
  2. Find out whether the building offers any special pet amenities, like dog-walking (or cuddling!) services, T-R-E-A-T jars in the lobby, or fenced-in play areas.
  3. Take a peek at nearby pet-friendly amenities, like daycares, breweries, shops, and off-leash parks. Even after you’ve found the perfect spot for you and Spot, you’ll want to know how to maximize your pup-loving lifestyle outside of your new digs.
  4. If possible, connect with other dog-owning residents of the building you have in mind. Finding out what their pooch does—or doesn’t—love about the property is a pawfect way to envision your life there.
  5. Once you’re ready to move in, check if you’re required to register your dog with the city and/or condo management. Some buildings require a photo of your pupper to be put on file, not only for safety reasons, but also so staff can get to know your best fren. The front desk can’t wait to greet her by name. ♥

While we’re still a long way from dogs, cats, and lizards being welcomed as denizens of every loft and garden-level abode, ev-furry-body can find a place to rest their snoots if their peeps have the right resources on paw.

Is your condo building a yappy home for your furry friend? Dish the deets in the comments and tag us @sidewalkdog in your home inspo pics!

Featured photo: Matt ODell

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