Find a Lost Dog? Do These 6 Things Stat

As much as we don’t want anyone to lose his or her dog, sometimes it happens. Despite our best intentions and our years of dog-owning experience, sometimes our dogs get loose, especially around holidays like the 4th of July (thank you, fireworks) and Halloween (frequent opening of doors, scary masks, constant doorbell ringing, etc.).

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a lost dog in the backyard. I’d let my senior Dobe-mix, Tula, out on her long leash outside and gone back indoors. Shortly thereafter, I heard a dog bark (not Tula) and went out to investigate.

An unfamiliar dog was playing with Tula. I had never seen him before and knew he didn’t belong to any of my close neighbors. Because he was unaccompanied by a human, I quickly realized that this happy dog was out on an adventure — and his owner was probably worried sick.

So I did the first thing that came to mind: I called fellow pack member Bri to get some advice. I knew she had just done a stint with Lost Dogs MN, so she would be equipped to instruct me. And I want to share those tips with you so you’re prepared should this happen to you, too.

Here are six quick ‘n easy tips for what to do if you find a lost dog:

  1. If possible, catch the dog. If the dog doesn’t want to approach you on its own, grab some high-value human food and sit on the ground. Surround yourself with the food and settle in to wait. Once they’re with you (be patient: it may take a while), leash ‘em up or keep them contained.
  2. If they’ve got contact information on an ID tag, get in touch with the owner. They’ll a) be thrilled to hear from you or b) be surprised to learn their dog escaped the yard. Either way, you’re a hero.
  3. If there’s no contact info available, take a good picture of the pooch and use the power of the interweb to help you spread the woof. Neighborhood apps like Nextdoor can be a good place to start, plus local websites and social media pages dedicated to reuniting owners with their lost pets — like Lost Dogs Minnesota and Lost Dogs Illinois — where you can fill out a lost dog report.
  4. Call the local police or city shelter to tell them you’ve found a dog. That way if the owner calls the police or shelter too, which they should, they’ll be able to connect dog and owner. If you’re in Minnesota, call The Retrievers, too. They may well be looking for the very dog you’ve found.
  5. Bring the pooch to your local vet. Call ahead to confirm, but most veterinarians will do a free microchip scan for lost dogs. If the pet does have a chip, you’ll be able to contact the owner directly. 
  6. Even if you can’t catch the pooch, fill out a Sightings Report at Lost Dogs Minnesota or Lost Dogs Illinois. Every little bit helps!

So how did things turn out for my new furry friend? Well, I quickly attached him to my side (I’m a good ear-rubber) and checked his collar for his owner’s contact information. Unfortunately, the only tag this pup had on him was a proof of vaccination. Side note: If your dog’s ID tag doesn’t have some sort of contact info on it (for you or even your vet), you should change that ASAP.

Lucky for us, the dog’s owner came walking through our neighborhood calling the dog’s name just a few minutes later. Happy endings all around.

(Editor’s note: If you have lost your dog, call the police and then turn to the pros at Lost Dogs Minnesota, The Retrievers, or Lost Dogs Illinois.)

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0 thoughts on “Find a Lost Dog? Do These 6 Things Stat

  1. Aaron

    If you contact the vet listed on the rabies tag with the number and year on the tag, they can look up the dog’s owner in their records. I’ve successfully done this a couple of times with lost dogs …

  2. turtlegirl784

    Even if they only have a rabies tag on, you should be able to get the name of the clinic and the tag number off of that. Call the clinic and they should be able to look up the owner from the tag number. They might not be able to give out the owner’s phone number, but in that case they should be able to call the owner themselves and exchange the appropriate information.

  3. seb

    Also worth considering – leash the dog, walk em around the neighborhood and ask if anybody recognizes em. That’s how I managed to return a nice doggy last spring. The owner wasn’t out looking for him because he got out while the guy was at work for the night, but the neighbors recognized the dog, and I left a note at his house. Next day he got his dog back.

  4. Katie

    You need to be careful about calling the police. If they come out to your house, most are required to take the dog and impound it. If you are able to keep the dog for a couple of days until the owner is found, then please do that before calling the police.


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