5 Flawless Face Masks for Dog Lovers

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We’re counting down the days ‘til we can ditch our masks; meanwhile, we’re making sure they’re as cute as paw-sible. Here are 6 handmade face masks for dog lovers that are as adorable as they are affordable. 

We dug ‘em up on Etsy, so you’ll be throwing a bone to independent sellers. 

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1. Face Masks to Rep Every Breed


Know someone who goes mutts for a specific breed? Etsy’s got you covered with masks for enthusiasts of every kind: Pit Bull, Yorkie, Labrador, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, French Bulldog, and more. 

Get ‘em on Etsy for around $8-14. 

2. Plaid Matching Mask and Bandana


Keep it classy with a matching plaid mask and dog bandana for you and your twin. (Those tassles, tho!) Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Get ‘em on Etsy starting at $8.

3. Masks for the Tiny Hoomans in Your Life


It kills us that kiddos have to cover up their toothless grins, but these masks for tiny dog lovers will at least keep ‘em smiling underneath. These ones come in teen and adult sizes too. 

Get ‘em on Etsy starting at $4.99.

4. Colorful Matching Mask and Scrunchie


Bright pops of color are never out of season, and it isn’t too soon to dream about spring. The coordinating bandana and scrunchie got us across the line from want to need.

Get ‘em on Etsy starting at $5.

5. Mask to Make ‘em Say “What the Pup?”


Proof that in these times, anything goes.

Get it on Etsy for $9.95.

Which face masks for dog lovers will you be rocking through the rest of the pandemic? Woof at us in the comments, and be sure to tag @sidewalkdog in your mask selfies.

Featured photo: ResponsibleChic | Etsy 

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