Ethical Dog Products For Earth-Saving Pups

Got a woke woofer on the hunt for ethical dog products he can feel good about? We rounded up 7 of our favorite items for sustainable pups.

1. These plant-based burger dog treats that please doggo *and* plant trees.

Bag of Better Burg'r dog treats

These treats taste like grilled hamburgers…without involving all that pesky meat. Plus, they’ll plant a tree for every bag you buy.

Get ‘em on Amazon for $16.49.

2. These vegan dental bones that smell like cinnamon and taste like dreams (apparently). 

Bag of V-Dog Breathbones

Possibly the only thing I’ve literally repurchased 27 times, V-Dog’s Breathbones never fail to delight. Made with wholesome ingredients like chia, parsley, broccoli, sweet potato, and cinnamon, these treats save the planet and your dog’s stinky mouf.

Get ‘em on Amazon starting at $11.49.

3. This shampoo bar that provides all the terror of bathtime with none of the plastic.

Bar of soap for dogs with WashBar text

This bar is equivalent to over 20.3 fluid ounces of liquid shampoo and may even make washing up easier since you can rub the bar directly on the dog. It also might work well for pups prone to bouts of itchiness after washing.

Get it on Amazon for $10.99.

4. This protein-packed vegan kibble that is both cruelty-free and very cromchy.

Dog sitting on ground with bag of Wild Earth dog food as person holds bowl of kibble in front of camera

Loaded with real ingredients like pumpkin, oats, sweet potato, and chickpeas, this is one filler-free, veterinarian-developed food you can *both* feel good about.

Get it on Amazon starting at $29.

5. This everlasting lint roller that’ll remove all that pet hair without wasting bajillions of sticky sheets. 

Red and white lint roller alternative

This handy dandy doo-dad collects endless clouds of dog hair without all the waste. Some reviewers even call it a miracle machine!

Get it on Amazon starting at $29.95.

6. A pack of bamboo toothbrushes to brush those teef while reducing plastic use.

Yellow dog holding a bamboo toothbrush in mouth next to glass of additional toothbrushes

Made of eco-conscious bamboo and BPA-free nylon, these toothbrushes clean pupper teeth of all sizes. You can even share the extras with a kitty sibling.

Get ‘em on Amazon for $12.99.

7. These washable puppy pads that’ll keep your floors dry–guaranteed.

Two dogs sitting on a washable puppy pad

Reduce waste and save precious bones with reusable puppy pads. They even come with a happiness promise!

Get ‘em on Amazon starting at $24.99.

What ethical dog products does your pup love? 

We love to hear all about your dog’s favorites! Woof at us in the comments and be share with a sustainable doggo in your life.

Featured photo: Henry Ravenscroft

If you make a purchase via our affiliate links, Sidewalk Dog may earn a tiny affiliate commission. Supporting Sidewalk Dog supports the work we do for rescues and shelters.♥ All products were available and pricing accurate at the time of publication.

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