Best Eco-Friendly Dog Products to Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Pawprint

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It’s undeniable that our pets have become a fundamental part of our families. As we evolve and become more aware of the impact our lifestyle has on the environment, the inevitable question arises: what is my fluffy friend’s carbon footprint?

We want to be responsible pet parents! This includes being mindful consumers who purchase products that are good for our pet and cause the least amount of damage to the environment. 

In this article, we’ll cover the best eco-friendly dog products that will make you a conscientious pet parent with an eye on ecology. We’ll feature the best products for dog food, grooming, bedding, and toys

Toward the end of this article, you’ll find a practical FAQ section on pet ecology and sustainability.

Cricket! Cricket! Eco-Friendly Dog Food

The dog food industry has long turned its eyes towards sustainability, with many brands creating quality food with ingredients that are natural, organic, or locally sourced and free of additives. Alternative protein sources, such as the innovative use of crickets, provide an alternative to the highly methane-producing red meat industry. 

These products will cost higher than other cheaper brands, but the nutritional benefits pay off in the long run. By providing your pet with quality nutrition, you’ll avoid many health conditions associated with sugar and additives. Additionally, the high value of these brands could also help you avoid overfeeding your dog (another eco-friendly practice). Talk to your vet about the best nutrition for Rover and the correct daily portion. 

Our Choice: Open Farm Ancient Grains Dog Food

Open Farm Ancient Grains Dog Food offers a Wild-Caught Salmon and ancient Grains Recipe dog food with quinoa and pumpkin. It’s ethically and sustainably sourced and made with non-GMO grains, vegetables, and fruit. It does not use legumes as filler, and its ingredients are 100% traceable. This means all its ingredients can be traced to their original source.  

Lather, Scrub, and Wash! Environment Conscious Grooming Products

Whether you take your dog to a professional groomer or DIY a grooming salon at home, hygiene can easily become eco-friendly. The pet grooming industry has begun producing sustainable and environmentally minded tools. These include bamboo brushes and shampoo and conditioners with natural ingredients free of harmful chemicals.

Our Recommendation: MendotaPet DERMagic Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar

Solid Shampoo lovers will lather their furry friends with the lovely Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar made by DERmagic. It’s made with saponified organic vegetable oils such as coconut, olive, castor, and jojoba oil, with rosemary essential oil. It’s soft to the skin of both pups and humans and great for dogs with sensitive skin. One single bar lasts several baths.

Sleep Tidy and Organic! Earth-Friendly Beddings

Sleep is as important for dogs as it is for humans. Ecological bedding for dogs are eco-friendly beds made with organic linens and mattresses filled with natural latex foam. Sustainable bedding for your pet has non-dyed (or vegetable-dyed) natural linens made of materials such as organic cotton, 100% virgin wool, buckwheat hulls, hemp, and natural latex foam. All of these materials are biodegradable and durable.

We’re excited about:

YaYa & Co. has amazing dog beds made from high-quality, natural materials and adorned with stylish designs. You can choose the filling, which can be recycled polyester, buckwheat and cedar, pine and cedar, or down feather. 

Their Daisy Organic Cotton Dog Bed is made with organic cotton and filled with your choice of filling. What we love is that it’s also a beautiful addition to your home, as it’s beautifully shell embroidered. Their beds are certified with the textile OEKO-TEX label and are also Fair Trade certified. 

Eco-Friendly Fun! Biodegradable Toys

It’s important to provide an enriched environment for your dog, but many toys are made from plastic, which eventually pollutes our seas and oceans. Eco-conscious materials such as recycled rubber, hemp, and organic cotton are leading the way as choices that reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint.

We Love: Only Natural Pet’s Recycled Plush Toy and Rubber Fetch and Tug Toy

Companies like Only Natural Pet offer amazing toys that promise to “unleash the joy of playtime with eco-friendly, sustainable dog toys!”. They’ve got great products such as recycled plush dog toys with many shapes for your dog to bite their teeth into and spend hours playing with. They’re made with double-stitching, which makes them extra durable for tough puppy play. 

One of their most popular products is a natural rubber bond-building fetch and tug dog toy. It’s made of natural rubber and features a slick design for chewing and gnawing. 

FAQ pet sustainability

  • Are eco-friendly dog products safe for dogs?

Yes! Ecological materials are renewable and free of nontoxic chemicals. These include bamboo, natural rubber, hemp, cotton, and wool. All these materials are natural and safe for your pet to use.

  • Is it easy to make your dog eco-friendly?

Yes! Pet parenting and implementing sustainability doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can purchase compostable disposable bags for your dog’s waste and be mindful of the packaging that comes from their products, recycling, and upcycling (dog food bags can be very practical!).

  • Are eco-friendly dog products expensive?

Not necessarily! There is a growing market for sustainable pet products, and you’ll find options for all budget sizes. Keep an eye out for local fairs and independent markets. By purchasing from local entrepreneurs you’ll avoid costly delivery fees and contribute to your community!

A Planet For Future Generations!

For many pet parents, the love for our pets goes hand in hand with our irrefutable love of nature. We want to preserve all the wonders of the earth for future generations of creatures great and small. By being an ecologically minded pet owner, small actions will create big impacts. 

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