Drop What You’re Doing and Get Our Free Chicago Treat Pass

Him snoozle, him attacc, him would please like a snaqq.

Know what your pal needs? Amazing snackies–free ones. I repeat, tasty yummos. And she can get ’em FOR FREE with our Chicago Treat Pass.

We’re talkin… 





All *guaranteed* to make your dog ask you to please do a gib now so they can have licks now ok?

Don’t believe us?! Check out these buds who are all about to chow down on a FREE Treat Pass snacko.

Jack did some lil crunchies at Happy Dog Barkery.


Thriller made woofs for a snicky snack at West Town Bakery and Diner.


Zavanna blink-blinked like dang gorgeous model at Purple Llama.


And Doug blessed the Roots Pizza patio and no one could even stand it.


Dis amazing Chicago Treat Pass (featuring all these cool places and many more!) is brought to you by our bud Spuds MacKenzie with your optional donation benefitting the good boys and girls at The Anti-Cruelty Society (and packed with love from our friends at Ultimate Sustainability, a first-of-its kind program that provides in-home and community support services to young adults with autism).

What we’re saying is your dog wants all these fire snacks and if you really love her you’ll get her a FREE Chicago Treat Pass already (I mean, *Gypsy’s* mom got *HER* a treat pass…).


Anyway if you love your dog even a little, be a good human and grab your pass for free treats at 15 friggin’ awesome local dog-friendly businesses here and just wait for those couch snugs to roll in. 

(Top photo by @kang_themutt at 6 Mutts Doggie Food Truck)

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