Local Dogs are Tugging at the Leash to Visit this Clean, Convenient Daycare

Happy dogs abound in this cheerful daycare. 


It’s brand new. It’s gorgeous. It’s a one-stop shop that’ll knock your doggy’s socks off. And it’s in one of the most convenient spots in town. Welcome to Dogtopia, puppers.

Give the doggies what they (and you) want

We’d been hearing great things about the newest daycare on the block, so a couple of Sidewalk Dog pack members decided to stop by and see it for ourselves. The first thing we were treated to was Dogtopia’s insanely convenient location, including easy access from the freeway and ample parking.

Once inside their bright, energetic lobby, we were greeted by their friendly and knowledgeable Director of Operations, Jacqueline, as well as Dogtopia-Bloomington’s Owner, Ryan. His enthusiasm for Dogtopia’s four-legged clients was immediately evident, as was his pride for their state-of-the-art facility.

Ryan led us on an impressive tour of Dogtopia’s rooms and features, stopping along the way to greet his beloved daycare dogs by name. He filled us in on the extensive training his staff receives in order to provide a safe, fun experience for their guests. Because they prioritize hiring and instructing capable team members, your dog will even receive training throughout the day. And if pet parents have questions about how to get a better behaved dog at home, the Dogtopia pack is more than happy to share their considerable knowledge with you.

The four-legged guests play all day in the off-leash rooms, which are grouped by size and temperament to allow for easy friendships. The rooms feature rubberized floors for safety and comfort. “Our floors are easy on paws, hips and joints, something that is especially beneficial for older dogs and dogs suffering hip dysplasia and other joint ailments,” Ryan explained.

Other features that set Dogtopia apart from the pack include an HVAC system to keep the air fresh and minimize the spread of bacteria; climate-controlled playrooms; and an on-staff biochemist to ensure that Dogtopia’s cleaning supplies — used multiple times each day — are safe for pets.

If your pooch needs an overnight stay, the general boarding option tucks him in sight and smell of his daycare buddies to remind him that more fun awaits in the morning. If your dog prefers a more private sleeping area, she’s welcome to snooze in Dogtopia’s spacious personal suites instead.

The cherry on top is their on-site spa, where you can request nail trims, grooming, and a bath for your pup during their stay.

The Hooman Perspective
Dogtopia’s rave reviews include this one from Katya W., whose pooch Billy adores his home away from home there: “The staff is absolutely amazing and so incredibly attentive and caring. They trained [Billy] and worked with him on his [anxiety] issues for free, out of the goodness of their hearts and because they truly care about all of the dogs that come to stay at Dogtopia. Billy absolutely loves going to daycare there. The staff greets him with love and smiles and calls him by name and he runs into their arms barking and jumping with anticipation. It makes me so happy!”

Maddy J. writes, “Our furry pack of misfits couldn’t be more stoked to have Dogtopia in the neighborhood! We have four dogs, which is a very large assignment for many boarding/daycare facilities to take on. We had been searching for a trustworthy, clean, preferably locally owned doggy hotel for quite some time. Ryan and his staff are incredible. They greeted our dogs with love and enthusiasm (something this overprotective dog-mama requires before leaving her kiddos in the hands of other humans). Happy dogs = happy mom.”

dogtopia bloomington mn

The Quick Sniff

  • Contact info: Dogtopia, 612.814.0616, email
  • Location: 5208 W 84th St. Bloomington, MN 55437 (map)
  • Hours: M-F 7am-7pm; Sat-Sun 10am-5pm 
  • Starting rate (daycare): $21-30/day depending on frequency; half-day pricing available
  • Starting rate (boarding): $45/night (includes daycare)
  • Advanced daycare reservations required: No
  • Breed restrictions: No
  • Spay/neuter required: Yes (at 1 year and above)
  • Test day required for daycare: Yes
  • Boarding available for pets other than dogs: No
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, dog beds in kennels, dogs can bring toys and/or comfort objects from home, foster dogs accepted, half-day pricing, indoor play areas, luxury kennels, report cards, separate play areas by size and temperament, webcams
  • Services: Behavioral consultations, training, full-service bathing, self-wash station, grooming
  • Nonprofit ruv: Dogtopia has a dedicated room available for hosting adoption events — free of charge! Email their team for details.

Your dog will be wagging like crazy when she hears you signed her up to play at this doggy heaven. (Make sure to let ’em know Sidewalk Dog sent you.)

dogtopia bloomington mnThis spotlight was sponsored by the team at Dogtopia, who is passionate about caring for your precious puppers with furbulous daycare, boarding, and grooming services. 

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