8 Products for Dogs With Smelly Breath

It’s Pet Dental Health Month, and for your dog with smelly breath, it could not come soon enough. Not to be rude ‘bout it, but doggo should definitely try retrieving a toothbrush instead of a ball for once. Unfortunately, he lacks the thumbs to really get a good brush going on his own, so try some of these tips and products that canine out of ten dentists would recommend! 

1. Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste


Unfortunately, you can’t go splitsy with your dog on toothpaste. Fortunately, Petsmile is here to help them keep their teeth sparkly white with their innovative Calprox formula, which helps inhibit tartar and plaque, and break down the protein pellicle (that mouth yuckies cling to). You don’t even need a toothbrush to use it; just apply to their teeth and let their tongue do the rest! 

Get it on Amazon for $26.99. You’re in luck! Sidewalk Dog has a giveaway for a Petsmile doggy dental kit this month. Enter here.

2. Barkley’s 360º Fingerbrush


So your dog may be a bit distracted by a toothbrush you keep trying to stick in his mouth. After all, sticks are for chewing, not brushing! This 360º brush fits all finger sizes, is softer than traditional bristles, and may be a nice way to introduce your dog to the sensation of tooth brushing. 

Get it on Amazon for $15.99.

3. Greenies Dental Chews


Your dog is not a fan of anything getting put in their mouth? Then Greenies textured chews may be a solution–they help clean down to the gumline to fight off plaque and stinky breath. 

Get it on Amazon starting at $4.98. (They come in different sizes for weenies or big boys!)

4. Bark Bright Toothpaste and Chews Kit


Bark made the Barkbox, your dog’s fave monthly toy subscription box, so who’s to say this monthly dental chew set will be any different? The kit comes with a toothpaste that goes onto the chew so you can brush their teeth without you having to do anything!

Get it on Amazon for $35.00.

5. TEEF! Water Additive


As the kids say, “the thirst is real,” (maybe they don’t say that anymore, sorry, this writer’s a millennial) so take advantage and sneak some dental care into your dog’s hydration routine! Toss a cap of this undetectable additive into their water bowl and knock out bad breath with every sip.

Get it on Amazon for $29.98.

6. Benebone Dental Chew


Who says you can’t be an aggressive chewer and be forgetful with oral hygiene? No one, because dogs can have it all. The ridges on this toy help clean those toofers, and are well designed so she’ll actually want to chew on it. 

Get it on Amazon for $12.95.

7. Zesty Paws Probiotic OraStix


Whoa, is this treat a mother? Because she’s here to take care of tummy troubles and sneak in some periodontal health at the same time. While she won’t also ask for grandchildren, this treat is great for supporting gut and immune system function while utilizing ingredients like peppermint oil, rosemary, and kelp to clean up your dog’s chompers.

Get it on Amazon for $12.97.

8. VetDiet Dental Care Food


Pull the ultimate pet parent move of sneaking something healthy into your kid’s favorite meal and swap in oral care kibble. This dry food helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup, while the added peppermint and parsley work to keep pup’s breath fresh.

Find it at a store near you. P.S. We’re woofin’ a Vetdiet dental prize pack this month, which comes with 2 large bags of the food and a pack of dental biscuits. Enter here.

Bonus! Regular Dental Cleanings at the Vet

You can’t pick this one up on Amazon, but a yearly checkup at the vet is the best way to make sure your dog’s oral health is in tip-top shape. Oftentimes, stinky breath that just won’t go away comes from periodontal disease or tooth decay. Regular prevention like tooth brushing is the best way to keep it away, but if it’s already here, vet intervention may be needed!

How do you take care of pup’s pearly whites? Drop your tips in the comments and tag us with #SidewalkDog on Instagram while your dogs celebrate Pet Dental Health Month.

Featured photo: @norpup

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