Splish Splash! Places to Take Dogs Swimming in Seattle

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Pups ruv to get in the water, rain or shine, and that goofy grin when Buddy runs out of the water makes it all worth it. Just ignore that wet dog smell. When your water dog is paddle ready, sniff out these  places to take dogs swimming in Seattle. 

Note: Dogs are not allowed on Seattle’s public saltwater beaches. Peeps and pups get away with some illegal doggy swimming in many places, but for liability reasons, we’ll leave that to another article…

Luther Burbank Off-Leash Dog Park

A tad east of Seattle in northern Mercer Island lies Luther Burbank Park, a doggy park mecca just waiting to wow your pup. This huge open space has many fun activities for leashed dogs and their hoomans, and a special fenced area on the northern tip just for off-leash puppers. And yes, before you ask, there’s water access! 

Magnuson Off-Leash Dog Park 

The award for the city’s largest dog park goes to Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area in Sand Point! It spans 8.6 fully fenced acres and opens up to Lake Washington where pooches can frolic through the water to their heart’s content. After, take your drenched doggo to Magnuson Cafe & Brewery, a joint with a dog-friendly heated patio where you can treat yourself for being such a good pawrent.

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Going fishin’! | Candice McMillan

Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park 

If you’re willing to make a bit more of a trek, might we suggest meandering over to Marymoor? Often referred to by locals as “Doggy Disneyland,” there’s no better way to treat your little princess. Why? Think 40 acres, 5 river access points, and 6 whole miles of winding trails. It’s a puppin’ good time for pooches and people alike.

Off-Leash Area Edmonds

When there is no off-leash area in your neighborhood, what do you do? Make one! And that’s exactly what a small group of volunteers did in 2005 when they started the non-profit Off-Leash Area Edmonds. 15+ years later, the off-leash park (still fully sustained and run by volunteers) provides a pup ton of tail waggin’ fun! Frolic, run, play, and swim in the expansive fields and water access point this Edmonds off-leash park has to offer. 

Bonus: Indoor Pools for Pups

Sometimes an outdoor swimmy isn’t in the cards. Luckily Seattle’s got a few pools open to your doggy-paddler.

SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center

Sniff out SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center, where professional swim technicians can help pups learn to swim and recover from injury. You can also book a self-swim session for you and ur dogfish. 

Water Dog Spa

If Fido wants to relax and float a bit, sniff out Water Dog Spa for a chill spaw experience. Note: Hooman handler needs to complete two training sessions before booking swimmies. 

Well Springs K9

Well Springs K9 has a giant pool for exercise and rehabilitation. Schedule a sesh with their professional doggy physical therapists, or book a self-swim for some laps.

Bow Wow Fun Towne

If your water woofer is a lil more social, sniff out Bow Wow Fun Towne, a doggy daycare with an open swim fur making new frens. You can also book a private session just for pup and his pack. The wet dog smell will fade, but the tail wags last furever. Who are we kidding, the wet dog smell stays too. 

What are your favorite places to take dogs swimming in Seattle? Woof at us in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Seattle Facebook Group.

Featured photo: Martha Childress

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