New Bill Allows Good Dogs on Colorado Restaurant Patios

We Did It! Get Those Pups to Patios

Delicious update: The bill was passed and took effect–without pawmp and circumstance due to COVID–on Sept. 14, 2020. So let’s help the Colorado restaurant industry recover by taking our pups to all the resto patios and ordering a heckin’ lot of food.

Passing the Bill

This just in: Colorado lawmakers are trying to make it easier for us to dine al fresco with our pooches. A bill recently introduced in the Senate establishes clear rules for restaurants and bars that want to welcome hooman’s best friend on their patios, and if it passes, businesses will be able to start hosting hounds (or not.. we’ll try not to take it pawsonally) this August or September.

Currently our good doggos aren’t *technically* allowed on patios because it’s prohibited by the state’s food code, The Denver Post explains. Exception one: Denver, which, like our dogs, makes its own rules. (Our city became the first place in Colorado with dog-friendly patios in 2014.) Exception two: food establishments that meet semi-strict conditions. They must provide street or sidewalk patio entrances for customers with dogs, have a sign signifying that dogs are allowed, offer separate no-woofer seating, and keep pups out if there’s wait-service on patios smaller than 400 square feet. 

Doo Your Part

The guidelines in the new bill are a bit more relaxed (furkids still have to be on their best behavior, obv), but the law won’t become reality without your support! Seriously, these pup-lovin’ restos and bars need our help to get this puppy passed, so be a doggone champion and do the following:

You can email the following: 

Subject Line: Re: SB078, Dog-Friendly Restaurant Patios Bill

Dear Senators, 

I’m writing in support of Colorado Senate Bill 78, which would allow well-behaved dogs on Colorado restaurant patios. Dogs are family members, and dog lovers all across Colorado would enjoy being able to spend more quality time with them when out and about. Thank you for considering my support of this bill.



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Which Colorado restaurant patio would your pup lounge on if he could? Where’s your dog already a regular in town? Bark at us in the comments.

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