Ridiculous Dog-Centric Yard Accessories to Spoil Your Summer-Loving Pooch

In the Midwest, we don’t mess around with time spent outdoors in the summertime. And here at Sidewalk Dog we definitely don’t mess around with quality time outdoors with our favorite mutts.

We did a little shopping and found some of the most unique and — ok, maybe a little extravagant — dog yard accessories to keep tails and tongues wagging during the dog days of summer.

dog yard accessories
Doggy Chaise Lounge

1. A ninety-degree day just wouldn’t be complete without some lounging. We found a couple of cool relaxation stations for every style. The Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed is probably fancier than anything else you have on your deck, but don’t those Shelties look oh-so-comfy?

dog yard accessories
Canopy Bed

2. If your canine is more casual, we adore the cute red Raised Mesh Cot Cooling Dog Bed with a canopy tent and cooling pad. It’s great for your backyard at home or a camping adventure.

dog yard accessories
Donut Cooling Mat

3. Donut you adore the current pastry obsession? We do too! If you have a little pal in need of cool spot to lay on your deck, check out this donut cooling mat from Little Dove for small dogs.

dog yard accessories

4. If your head-tilting pal is a city-dwelling dog, you can bring nature right to your patio. The DoggieLawn — complete with real grass — can be ordered right to your door, and turn your concrete patio into a piece of nature.

dog yard accessories
Dog Water Sprinkler

5. And for the furry friends who are part fish, we have some wonderful water fun. The TrioGato’s Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler allows your pup to play on their own and help you water the lawn at the same time.

dog yard accessories
Collapsible Doggy Pool

6. For those who like to splash around in a pool, we love this collapsible Outdoor Swimming Pool.

dog yard accessories
Elevated Dog Bath

7. Let’s face it, bath time isn’t always fun for dogs or their owners. For the humans there’s more than likely bathroom clean-up afterwards and possibly a sore back. We’re digging that this colorful Outdoor Dog Bath takes both of those hassles away.

Which of these are you most excited to treat your pup with this summer, SWDers?

Have a most-loved dog-friendly yard accessory we missed? Tell us in the comments!




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