Finally! A Mall That Allows Indoor Dog Walking

Photo: @luny2oons

Spring is here and it’s time to catch up on all the exercise your canine missed out on this winter — which is why we’re so excited that Rosedale Center‘s indoor dog-walking has been extended year-round!

Well-behaved puppers can walk on leash there every Sunday morning from 8-10 am. (You’ll have to skedaddle at 10 am and the mall’s stores open at 11am on Sundays.)

Woof to the wise: Be respectful of others’ space by using a standard, non-retractable leash. And if your dog happens to have an accident, doo clean it up right away!

The Quick Sniff

What: Indoor dog walking
Where: Rosedale Center, Roseville MN (map)
When: Sundays from 8-10am

Share your mall-walking doggos with #SidewalkDog for the chance to be featured.

Enjoy the great indoors this spring, cuties!

dog walking rosedale This event was brought to you by the dog lovers at Rosedale Center. In addition to hosting furbulous dog walking events, Rosedale Center is packed with paw-fect fashion, entertainment, and dining — all in one place. 

17 thoughts on “Finally! A Mall That Allows Indoor Dog Walking

  1. Lisa Putnam

    I attended last Sunday for the first time from 10-11. I tenderly spoke with 5 people on retractable leads and asked them next time to bring a leash. Thanks for reporting the rules as I’d hate for there to be an incident and spoil this wonderful opportunity. Many thanks, Later, love, Lisa

      1. Kim

        Do you really think that’s FAIR to everyone else that has a well behaved dog?!? Take a class with a professional dog trainer, DO NOT subject innocent people and dogs to this…’s a sure fire way to have Rosedale cancel dog walking! Dog owners MUST exercise good common sense!

    1. Melissa Petroelje

      Please tell me the theory behind, regular leashes being better than retractable leashes, in these social situations. I’m curious.

  2. Carol Ackermann

    We were so impressed. There were so many dogs! Our pooch is working on being leash aggressive so we truly appreciated the people who just kept walkkng. There were hundreds of dogs this past Sunday. The Mall had security people there, Some shops handed out doggie treats and water. We will go back. I would really like to know how to thank the mall management. Do any of you know?

    1. Dr. W

      As a veterinary behaviorist- using the mall to work on your dog’s leash aggressive is completely inappropriate for not only your dog but for the other dogs that have to encounter any negative responses from your dog.
      Dr. W DVM

  3. Laura

    We’re moving soon from an apartment building where there are plenty of dogs to house and I’m afraid my puppy will get lonely for other dogs so this would be nice.

    1. Tammy Turnquist

      Can you use a retractable leash With your dog as long as you keep it tight and the dog is close to you? also do they have a place where the dogs can play with each other? I’m excited to check this place out for the very 1st time tomorrow!

  4. Liz

    Sunday Dog walking at Rosedale, what are the correct Times 8-10 or 9-11. Rosedale Center states 9-11 but article that leads to Rosedale center dog walk states 8-10.

  5. Irene Boden

    I am a Distributor for Lifevantage and am sharing Petandim a natural supplement for dogs that is absolutely amazing. Every dog owner needs to know about this. We have it for humans and dogs.

    I’d like to pass out my card at the mall not to bug people but to help educate them. Can I do that? Can I have a little table display for them to stop by if interested?

  6. Addam

    A regular leash is recommended for dogs and humans who are new to walking and have problems controlling them. A retractable leash is great for dogs and humans who are not new to walking in public without having any problems controlling them


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