Bone Appétit! Try These Dog Treat Storage Ideas

It’s an unspoken (but loudly barked) rule of pet parenthood that we must have lots of treats on paw for doggos at all times. But you gotta have a good way to keep ‘em organized, otherwise you’ll just end up with a mountain of treatos (not that pupper would mind). Read on for cute and functional dog treat storage ideas.

Dog Treat Jars

Hoomans get cookie jars, so why shouldn’t pooches get some, too? One classic dog treat storage option is a treat jar. Dog treat jars can be made from different materials, but the most common options are ceramic, glass, and metal tins.

Ceramic Treat Jars

If you’re looking for a treat jar with cute designs, sniff out ceramic jars. Many ceramic dog treat jars are printed with patterns like bones, hearts, and paw prints.

Don’t furget to do your research before buying a ceramic treat jar, though—ceramic is often painted with glaze, which can contain lead. If a jar is fired at high heat for long enough it should still be safe, but why take the risk? Keep your floof safe by making sure the jar uses lead-free paint and glaze!

Glass Treat Jars

Have lots of clear containers for your own food storage and don’t want to ruin your aesthetic? Try a set of glass jars and labels. Plus, having multiple jars also means you can keep different types of treats separate—organizers rejoice!

If you’re feeling creative, decorate your own glass treat jars with stickers.

Wanna get fancy? You can even get glass treat jars personalized with your pup’s name or hand-painted with your pupper’s face.

Metal Treat Tins

If pup has a super sniffer and you don’t wanna risk him breaking a glass or ceramic jar, try a metal treat tin. Metal tins are more likely to survive a fall if a nosy pup pushes them off the counter, and they come in lots of cute designs.

Make sure whatever dog treat jar you use has a tight seal. Stale treats aren’t nearly as fun as fresh ones, and a well-sealed container keeps pesky pests out, too.

Dog Treat Pouches

Consider treat pouches for puppos on the go! Find one with a strap or carabiner clip so you can bring treats along on your adventures and keep your hands free to hold pup’s leash

Dog Treat Baskets

Don’t wanna transfer treats from their bag to a new container? Use a dog treat basket! A basket helps keep multiple treat bags organized in your pantry.

What do you use for dog treat storage? Woof at us in the comments and tag @SidewalkDog in your treat storage pics!

Featured photo: Tamas Pap

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