7 Dog Treat Food Trucks to Track Down This Summer

dog friendly food trucks

Remember the joy you felt as a kid when the ice cream truck came rolling around? Well buddy, we have great news for our four-legged readers: Now there are all kinds of food trucks that cater just to them. From Seattle to Chicago to Dallas, these dog food trucks have everything from Fido-friendly froyo to homemade gourmutt treats. When your pup’s paws are tired from pounding pavement or they need a little ice cream to beat the heat, look for these dog treat food trucks.

1. Seattle Barkery

This mobile mainstay has both a treat trailer and a treat truck, making the Seattle Barkery easy to track down no matter where your walks take you. They’ve got treats for two-legged customers, too—and whether it’s a cold brew or a canine ice cream sundae, everything’s made with human-grade ingredients. And did we mention they make Barkday Cakes?

2. Fido To Go – Chicago

You can’t miss this bright-yellow canine cookie truck! Fido to go in Chicago serves up gourmutt dog treats (and cat treats, too!), from ice cream to chews to fi-yo frozen yogurt. Find them at dog parks, dog-friendly beaches, or an upcoming dog-friendly event near you!

3. Smart Cookie Cart – Denver

Smart Cookie Cart isn’t so much a food truck as it is a food tricycle, but doggone it if it isn’t the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. You can track down this treat trike at breweries, dog parks, and events throughout Colorado, where they’ll be slinging healthy, scratch-made treats with real ingredients. 

4. Fetch: A Treat Truck for Dogs – Birmingham

Your pup might not love fetch (the game), but they’ll definitely go wild for Fetch: A Treat Truck for Dogs! Fetch has all kinds of treats—including pup ice cream—plus they source from local treatmakers whenever possible. They’ll also bring the snacks to you—they’re available for birthday parties and private events!

dad and little girl at Fetch treat truck for dogs
That really is one fetching truck! | @fetchtruckbhm

5. Alice’s Gourmet Wonderland – Orange County

Orange County’s first doggy treat truck roams the sunny streets of California, a four-wheeled haven for hot pups who want to cool off with some froyo. At Alice’s Gourmet Wonderland, froyo flavors include The Mad Hatter (PB and bananas), The Lonely Caterpillar (crisp apples and spice), and The Dormouse (a pumpkin treat that’s gentle on sensitive tummies).

Husky in window of dog food treat truck
“Don’t worry, this is one rabbit hole your owner won’t freak out about you going down.” | @alicesgourmetwonderland

6. Treat Waggin’ – Kansas City

Barkville Bakery takes its chow on the road with the Treat Waggin’, a bright-blue dog food truck featuring some of the finest fresh treats in town. You can even book the truck for pup’s Gotcha Day party!

7. Homegrown Hounds Snackin Waggin – Dallas

At Homegrown Hounds, 100% of proceeds go toward rescuing homeless dogs. That’s a mission we can get behind! And their Snackin Waggin makes it easy to find them, which is a real win/win for your pup and all the pups out there who need a little lovin’. 

Did we miss any dog treat food trucks in your city? Give us a stern barking-to in the comments!

Featured photo: @dash.dog

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