Dog Tattoo Ideas to Make Your Friendship Last Forever

It ain’t called a forever home for nothin’! Looking to make your puppy love even more permanent? With these creative dog tattoo ideas, you can wear your heart on your sleeve—literally.

Delicate Floral Dog Tattoo

Black and white floral dog portrait tattoo
Mariah Rose’s tattoo by @davidsugihara

She always smells like she’s spent her day in a field of beautiful flowers. Why not make her look like it too with a delicate stylized portrait?

Cute Illustration Tattoo

Illustration-style tattoo of a person and dog in front of a skyline
Olga Bernad’s tattoo of her dog Bowie by @erik_gillispie

Looking for a tattoo that is as fun and vibrant as your bestie? Commemorate your friendship with an adorable illustration and let the good times roll.

Black and White Photorealistic Portrait Tattoo

Jessica Kupsik’s tattoo by @jordanlentztattoos

Look, we all know your boy is picture perfect. Make that picture last a little longer with a photorealistic portrait tattoo. 

Vivid Color Dog Portrait Tattoo

Jessie Kremer’s tattoo by @josh_grable

Dogs just make everything seem a little brighter, don’t they? It only makes sense to choose a tattoo that’s as bold and bright as your #1.

Geometric Fine Line Dog Tattoo

Black geometric dog tattoo
Katie Seddon’s tattoo by @jameseastwood

We can’t even describe how much we love our dogs if we tri-angle. A black and white geometrical tattoo comes close, though!

Delicate Floral Paw Print Tattoo

Tattoo by

For a pretty twist on a paw print tattoo, consider some pretty illustration! You can even use an ink pad to get a print so your artist can create something inspired by your pup’s real paw.

Traditional Dog Tattoo With Flowers

Sabrina Amerson’s tattoo by @gabyunis

Capture your furry fren’s true essence with a traditional portrait. We ruv the way the artist has added the little twinkle in this pup’s eye!

Minimalist Small Dog Tattoo

Katy Putzker’s tattoo by @bamahalverson

Pupper have some distinguishing features? Celebrate her unique look with a minimal linework tattoo. 

Traditional Dog Memorial Tattoo

Lizzie Lang’s tattoo by @chasetuckertattoo

We never want to say goodbye to our best friends. And with a traditional memorial tattoo, we’d never have to. This gorgeous piece is an amazing tribute!

Do you have a dog tattoo? We’d love to see it! Tag us in your photos at #SidewalkDog and share this with anypawdy looking for dog tattoo ideas!

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