Pamper Pup With These Seattle Dog Spa Services

Inhaale aaaaand…exhale (toots count too). Your doggo is successful, iconic, but also prob a lil stressed. He’s got a lot on his plate. I mean, who else is gonna stand guard In the front window all day? Cue the spa music and aromatherapy, and treat your pent-up pup to some of these dog spa services in the Seattle area. 

Hot Oil Treatment

Fido wants fur so shiny he could sell shampoo to a hooman, and he wouldn’t mind bein’ a little less itchy too. A hot oil treatment at Magnolia Paw Spa is his ticket to cut the dand-ruff and get a soft, moisturized coat. Excuse us, Mr. Fido, we’ve got Pawteen fur you on line 1. 

Mud Bath

Covered in mud and she doesn’t get in trouble? What a t-r-e-a-t! At Magnolia Paw Spa and Oasis Pet Spa, puppo’s mud bath will deep condition her skin and coat while essential minerals exfoliate away impurities. Now that’s some fancy mud!

Ruvin’ the Scrubbin’ 

Salt scrubs, sugar wraps, and Ayurveda herb packs—oh my! First up is Oasis Pet Spa’s exfoliating salt scrub, which is grrreat for bacterial infections and yeasty skin. Next, their sugar wrap removes dead skin cells and moisturizes skin and coat. Lastly, check out Cloud Grooming’s Ayurveda herb pack that exfoliates and moisturizes for a shiny mirror-like coat and soft skin. Where do we sign pup?

Rest and Relax Lavender Bath

Don’t be alarmed if you hear snoring from the bathtub. Your blissful bud is just busy enjoying his lavender bath with calming rubbies at Oasis Pet Spa. He’s way too blissed out to be anxious about gettin’ groomed now. 

Dog Massage 

Princess always loves gettin’ belly rubs from you, but a professional massage really hits the spot sometimes. At Water Dog Spa and Splash Dog, your pooch can get those therapeutic rubs to release tension, help mobility, and aid injury recovery. Wanna give pup the ol’ rubdown yourself? Read up on how to massage your dog who’s, well, dog-tired. 

Dog Reiki 

The healing hands at Water Dog Spa and Splash Dog wanna help reduce Fifi’s anxiety, stress, and pain with Reiki. Reiki helps balance energy to relax and heal. And we know she’s got a puppin’ ton of energy to work with. 

Dog Facial 

If pup is on the hunt for a dog spa service that’s in her face, a blueberry facial at Dogtopia is just the thing! This facial is a scrumptious service for soft, moisturized skin and clean wrinkles. If pup demands another facial before her next appointment (we wouldn’t blame her), check out this DIY blueberry facial recipe

Pawdicures and Pampered Paws 

Doggo struts better than most, but he may need to prep those paws before his next catwalk. Bellevue Pet will polish fluff’s nails so they sparkle like his personality. At Magnolia Paw Spa, they offer the “pampered paws” service—a nourishing butter and herb blend that’s massaged into his pads to moisturize and heal. Pawesome! 

Technicolor Coat Dyeing 

Your smol fry is a style icon and she’s been thinking about a rainbow tail. We love that journey for her! Cloud Grooming loves that too and offers pet-safe coat dying. Look out, world, trendsetter coming through. 

What is your pup’s favorite dog spa service in Seattle? Woof at us in the comments and tag @SidewalkDog in pics of your ultra-relaxed rover. 

Featured photo: nishizuka

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