This Chicago Pooch-Themed Popup is a Thing Now and Dogs Can’t Even Stand It

Imagine a place where dogs roll up on skateboards with their favorite parent and travel to a mystical wonderland with a secret doghouse and entire dream-world playplace complete with a ball pit and a giant squirrel. That’s The Dog’s Day Pop-PUP bar, Emporium’s latest (dare we say greatest?) wonderproject.

The Dog’s Day now runs through September 23rd (!) and benefits One Tail at a Time, one of Chicago’s very best all-breed dog rescues committed to doing everything they can to secure the very best lives for pups and the people who love ‘em.

Dogs have been going absolutely buckwild at this thing. So far, our puppy pals have:

1. Been hugged and loved on and treated like absolute royalty (because they deserve it):


2. Ridden expensive motorcycles because they’re v cool and tuff:


3. Hung out with friends at the bar, obviously:


4. Dressed very, very well (what would we expect):


5. Patiently waited for great service because they’re just so good:


6. Rolled up *in style* while jealous onlookers stopped dead in their tracks:


7. Been served a delicious fancy 5 course dinner because they’re perfect champions:


8. Motivated us to be our very best selves with their inspirational messages:

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9. Felt exuberant joy that made all humans around them wonder if we, too, would ever be that happy:


10. And literally fooled exactly no one with their fake IDs:


Pop in with your good boy or girl to have lots of fun at The Dog’s Day, 2367 N Milwaukee Tuesday-Friday 5pm-2am, Saturday 3pm-3am, Sundays 3pm-12am (except when there are special events, but check those out too!).

Next up: Submit all of your own pup-centric events to our calendar, share your dog’s adventures with #SidewalkDog for the chance to be featured, and head to our Dog-Friendly Chicago online community for super local, pooch-centric chat with the some of the best people we know – dog people.

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