9 Dog Party Venues in Chicago

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What do you get for the one special little buddy who loves you more than he loves himself? That’s right, the ultimate dog birthday party. Here are some dog party venues in Chicago to celebrate another amazing year with your four-legged bestie.

1. Bosly’s Backyard

Two dogs sit for photos at Bosly's Backyard, one of our recommended dog party venues in Chicago.
Wait, did you say silly or serious face? | Bosly’s Backyard

Chicago pups know the plight of having no backyard and that’s where Bosly’s Backyard steps in. With a focus on creating an environment that’s mentally and physically enriching for pupper, they’ve got 2,400 square feet to party. They do ask that you limit parties to 4 dogs, so pull a MySpace and pick your top friends. 

2. Paradise 4 Paws

Your pup’s been working on her beach bod all year. You owe it to her to throw a pupper birthday party where she can strut her stuff! Paradise 4 Paws not only has a play area, but a heckin’ awesome bone-shaped pool (pictured above) that’s guaranteed to solidify your status as a cool dog mom.

3. Pet Care Plus

Everypawdy who’s anypawdy knows that Pet Care Plus is a local favorite for fun b-day romps, and it’s easy to see why! Its playground and pool area are iconic fixtures on the doggy social scene. Heck, you can even add a photo booth with an actual dogtographer! Now that’s something to woof about.

4. K9 University

There ain’t no party like a Chicago dog party, and K9 University doesn’t describe its dog bashes as “the new rage amongst the canine set” for nothin’! Whether you wanna toss around some tennis balls or set up an agility course, the centrally-located space is ideal for furry fêtes of all kinds. Plus, they’ve got rooms of different sizes, so you can be sure your rental is just right for your crew.

5. SIT Social: A Dog Lounge

Basically your very own 700-square-foot dog living room, SIT Social: A Dog Lounge offers your pup an extra cool place to chill with all her friends. There’s plenty of space for up to 20 humans and 15 doggies, and loads of awesome add-ons like Chicago flag pupcakes and ::paws for effect:: Chickentini and Long Island Iced Beef cocktails.

Four long haired dogs pose for birthday photos. One dog wears a birthday hat.
Cut the cake already, Brenda! | Glenn Han

6. Stay Dog Hotel

Stay offers not only an incredible indoor play space, but also a special riverfront event space complete with an outdoor garden your pal will look incredible next to. Your party rental includes plenty of space for zoomies, a play station for the pups, speakers so they can hear their favorite jams, and special birthday poop bags (fine, they’re regular poop bags).

7. Citizen Canine

Looking for island vibes? Search no further than Citizen Canine. Their outdoor space is a big backyard complete with a tiki hut cabana. The pups can party down on the fungility equipment, make a splash in the kiddie pools, or indulge in some zoomies (as one does on their special day). Note: Party rentals are on hold here due to COVID, but save the location for future re-fur-ence.

8. Hinsdale Humane Society

Pup obsessed with the pigskin? Let the b-day games begin! The Hinsdale Humane Society’s puppy bowl room is the perfect spot for your sporty doggo’s upcoming pawty. Better than a touchdown? 100% of the rental costs go back to their furbulous shelter. Woof about a win-win!

Know another pawesome spot to host a dog birthday party in Chicago? Woof at us in the comments, and pawlease tag all your dog birthday party pics with #SidewalkDog.

Featured photo: Paradise 4 Paws

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