Dog Owners are More Attractive. Because Science.

Photo: @nick_bateman via Instagram

Some swoon-worthy science has just shown what SWDers already knew: ladies dig a dude with a dog.

“The [women in the study] were more than twice as likely as the gents to say that they were attracted to someone because he had a pet, and also about twice as likely to judge their date based on how they reacted to a furry companion,” the Independent says of the research, which was done in collaboration with PetSmart and based on a survey of subscribers.

Photo: @enrico.ravenna via Instagram

Swipe right. Photo: @enrico.ravenna via Instagram

Our own Ali Jarvis stopped by NewsRadio 830 WCCO to yap with Roshini Rajkumar about the reasons fellow dog owners can get our hearts pounding. “There’s so much responsibility, love, and caring that comes with owning a pet. And that’s really attractive,” Ali pointed out. “A lot of pet owners just don’t sweat the small stuff — and we’re great at sharing the bed!”

Photo: @parkeryorksmith via Instagram

Photo: @parkeryorksmith via Instagram

Ali’s segment about the new study, plus our 2015 holiday gift guide and more, can be heard here (the 11 AM hour from Tuesday, December 22).

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