These Dogs Know More About Fashion Than We Do

Photo: the always fashionable @gusgusinthecity

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croc dog meme

…but they’re definitely looking now.

dog meme sunglasses

We’re still not convinced this isn’t a dog.

dog meme fashion

You gotta look your best.

dog meme fashion

It’s so hard keeping up with trends these days.

dog meme clothes

At least they’re being put to good use!

dog meme nice hat

Compliments can make such a difference.

dog meme walter

Looking good, Walter.

dog meme hair

Truly pup-notch hairstyles.

dog halloween costume

Effort is always in style.

dog meme hair

It takes a rare breed to make it look this good.

dog meme clothes

(It’s more important to be yourself.)

dog meme payday

That smile says it all.

dog halloween costume

Sure, but where’s the dog?

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