8 Must-Haves for Dogs Who Want in on the Pineapple Craze

You may have noticed: pineapple print is everywhere lately. Home decor, jewelry, even pants. We don’t like when hoomans get to have all the fun, so we sniffed out eight tropical goodies for on-trend dogs:

1 & 2. There are needs. There are wants. Then there are pineapple dog beds.

YML, $40

DENY Designs, $127

3 & 4. Other doggos will be jealous of your pup’s juiciness when you show up at your next yappy hour with this collar and leash set.

Yellow Dog Design, $16

Yellow Dog Design, $16

5. Your pooch’ll get a squeeze out of this toy.

ZippyPaws, $8

6. Two words: Conversation. Starter.


7. Are you mocking me? Because I feel like I’m being mocked.

Rubie’s, $17

8. “If you like piƱa coladas,” you’ll love this yummy grooming spray. (And now you’ll have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.)

Crazy Dog, $13

Go forth and get down with your furbulously fruity selves, SWDers.

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