How Many Dogs Can You Have in Minnesota?

Got a big pack, or aspiring toward one? You might be surprised to know that many places set limits on the number of dogs each household can have. Pet limit laws by state vary widely—in fact, they vary from city to city. That means it can be tricky to find the dog limit in your city, so we made like our pups and dug up all the info on how many dogs you can have in Minnesota.

Are There Cities With No Dog Limits?

Some cities in Minnesota, like St. Louis Park and Shakopee, don’t regulate the number of pets allowed. Pup yeah! The city of Rochester allows up to six doggos (and up to nine pets total!), and Rosemount welcomes up to five.

If you’re able to find a big enough chunk of land in South St. Paul, you could grow quite the pack right in the city. They allow one pupper per 2,500 square feet of property. For some people, that translates to 2.69 dogs (please don’t go trying to make canine fractions), while others can have full packs due to the size and placement of their lot. Get those calculators out!

OK, But How Many Dogs Can I Have in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

If your dream is to live on a dog island, well… keep dreaming. For starters, there aren’t many islands in Minnesota. And on average, most cities’ dog limits allow no more than two or three dogs per dwelling.

In St. Paul, residents are allowed up to three licensed dogs without a permit. Same goes in Minneapolis, where owners have to get a permit in households with four or more dogs.

Now, here’s the good news fur your pack: Getting a permit really isn’t that ruff. In Minneapolis, it’s as easy as contacting 311 (which you can do here) and having an animal control officer come out to your home, where they’ll make sure your whole furry fam is being kept in safe, livable conditions. If they sign off, it’s $80 for a one-year permit, and $55 to renew it each year after that. Hey, that’s less than the cost of a vet visit!

The story is similar in St. Paul, where residents can fill out a “Keeping of Animals” permit application, and after inspection, pay a $76 fee. Their renewal cost is just $28 a year. Regulations and requirements vary by city, and some may also have restrictions on the location (i.e. non-residential zone) and minimum acreage of the property, or require the approval of your neighbors (homemade cookies—or treats!—might help with that last one).

Start by sniffing out your municipality’s website, or give ‘em a call to get the specifics. In many cases, it may be as simple as a quick application and small fee.

Know of any other local cities where the sky’s the limit? Join the discussion in our Facebook Group, or tell us in the comments.

Featured photo: @RajottePuppyPack

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