Wanna Have a Lot of Dogs in the Twin Cities? Check Your City’s Limit.

Photo: The adorable @RajottePuppyPack who inspired this story

Got a big pack, or aspiring toward one? Some folks are surprised to know that many cities set limits on the number of dogs each household can have. It can be tricky to figure out the various rules across the Twin Cities, so we turned to our handy-dandy  Minneapolis/St. Paul online community for dog lovers to find out which cities have favorable dog limits. Here’s what locals there helped uncover:

The Good

Dog hair, don’t care.

Some cities, like St. Louis Park and Shakopee, don’t regulate the number of pets allowed. Pup yeah! Jenna P. says, “I live in Shakopee, where there’s no pet limit, and I love the area! St. Louis Park also has no limit. Those were the only two places I looked!”

The city of Rochester allows up to six doggos (and up to nine pets total!), and Rosemount welcomes up to five.

If you’re able to find a big enough chunk of land in South St. Paul, you could grow quite the pack right in the city. They allow one pupper per 2,500 square feet of property. For Lisa P., that means only 2.69 dogs, but Nicole S.’s friend can have seven due to the size and placement of their lot. Get those calculators out!

The Bad(ish)

If your dream is to live on a dog island, well… keep dreaming. For starters, there aren’t many islands in Minnesota. And on average, most cities allow no more than two or three dogs per dwelling.

But all is not lost! You have options – like getting a special license or permit. Read on for deets.

The Hairy

Some cities will let you house more fur-babies with a multi-pet permit or a kennel license – but the regulations and requirements vary by city. Some may also have restrictions on the location (i.e. non-residential zone) and minimum acreage of the property, or require the approval of your neighbors (homemade cookies might help with that last one!).

Start by sniffing out your municipality’s website, or give ‘em a call to get the specifics. In some cases, it may be as simple as a quick application and small fee. Christine S. of Lonsdale notes, “We applied for a kennel permit since we had two (now four) dogs and foster. It was a super easy process that involved filling out a form, paying $50, and getting it approved by the police chief.”

Know of any other local cities where the sky’s the limit? Join the discussion in our group, or tell us in the comments here.

(Don’t live in the Twin Cities? We’ve got groups in Chicago, Denver, and Seattle, too!)

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