NEW Freebies When You License Your Dog with Us!

If you live in Minneapolis or St Paul, your pets are required by law to license up!

But we have great news: If you snag a license through Sidewalk Dog, you’ll also get pawesome NEW paybacks!

  • Mpls residents will get a FREE pint of beer at The Freehouse; BOGO coffee at In The Loop product-category/dog-licenses/Coffee Co. (new!), and a $5 Chuck & Don’s gift card.
  • St Paul peeps will get a FREE pint at The Happy Gnome, a FREE coffee at Hygga Lowertown (new!), and a $5 Chuck & Don’s gift card.
  • Plus, buy or renew and be entered to win our NEW Brewery Pass (coming soon)! We’ll draw one winner per month through August 2018.

Buying your dog license through Sidewalk Dog is the same price as doing it through your city and easy-peasy.

The T-R-E-A-Ts above are just the tip of the snout. Here’s another pawful of perks for licensed pets:

  • Fido gets a free ride home. If your pet is found in Minneapolis or St Paul, he’ll be taken directly home to you (and his comfy bed) instead of to the shelter.
  • Chances are better you’ll be reunited. Licensed pets are three times more likely to return home than those who aren’t licensed.
  • You help other animals, too. Licensing fees help cities shelter, feed, and reunite lost pets with their owners, find homes for strays, and investigate animal cruelty cases.

License up today. Good owner!

Note: Minneapolis residents can buy or renew through Sidewalk Dog. For now St Paul residents can buy new licenses through Sidewalk Dog; renewals can be done through St Paul Animal Control. Live in St Paul and wanna renew through us? Reply to let us know, and we’ll let you know if things change!

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