Create the Perfect Dog Gallery Wall With These 9 Items

Your pup is absolutely your better half and belongs on the cover of Dogue Magazine. Doesn’t she deserve an entire dog gallery wall dedicated to her? Pick up a few of our favorite items and make that house a bone—we mean home.

1. A majestic and debonair portrait of your stately canine.

Person holding a portrait of a white dog wearing an ornate jacket
VanWoof on Etsy

Honor your pal’s storied legacy of knocking over garbage cans and drinking out of toilets with this fine custom portrait. It comes in a variety of sizes and very clearly will tie any room together.

Get it on Etsy starting at $29.97.

2. A custom laser cut wood sign of your bestie’s name.

Laser cut flat black dog bones with dog names on them enclosed in wooden frames
KPCustomsLLC on Etsy

Evidently, researchers who study such things have proven that a dog’s favorite word to hear is their own name. We assume it’s their favorite word to read, too. So make your buddy’s brain happy with her own special sign!

Get it on Etsy starting at $14.

3. This aesthetic custom portrait to give your wall a *pop* of color.

Person holding a dusty pink framed dog portrait with a Border Collie puppy named Milo
Pawvinci on Etsy

Available in a variety of hues including a dusty rose, muted cucumber, charcoal gray, and buttery pale yellow, this print definitely comes in your pup’s favorite color. You know, if he could see color.

Get it on Etsy starting at $34.97.

4. This minimalist printable that’ll always remind you to be a good human (or else you’ll have to go lay down).

Framed black and white print of a line drawing of a dog with the text "Be the person your dog thinks you are" below.
MooseAndMarble on Etsy

Simple and timeless, this print featuring a much-needed reminder will go with almost any decor. And since it’s a printable, you can choose the size that works best for your gallery wall (as well hang one anywhere where you need to remember to behave, i.e. your new “home office”).

Get it on Etsy for $7.96.

5. A wooden plaque of your pup made from your favorite photo.

A white shelf with various items and plants on it that also features a wooden plaque that looks like a Polaroid picture with a picture of a Golden Retriever and the text "In loving memory of Charlie."
WoodLifePrints on Etsy

No need fur a frame with these awesome wood plaques. These memorial plaques are wonderful if you wanna remember somepawdy special. There are versions without text available, too.

Get it on Etsy starting at $44.95.

6. This pack of 16 frames in different shapes and sizes, perfect for making your pup’s multiple personalities pop.

16 gallery wall frames of various shapes and sizes above a gray couch on a green wall
EKfly on Etsy

Reviewers say that this set makes a boring wall sing even when empty. Can you even imagine how good they’re gonna look one they’re filled with pics of your handsome fella?

Get it on Etsy for $149.

7. A watercolor portrait of the dreamiest good boy or girl around.

A watercolor portrait of a black Great Dane in profile
LiaDowningArt on Etsy

Your fren is already a work of art, so it goes without saying that a custom watercolor painting of her will be nothing short of a wall blessing.

Get it on Etsy starting at $55.

8. This botanic print of your earth angel that will go with all your plants.

A piece of digital art in colored pencil style that features a smiling bully breed dog framed by a circle of greenery.
LeFloreStudio on Etsy

Merge your dog parent and plant parent identities with a lush rendering of your #1. Snag it as a physical print or add-on the digital file so you can put in on all your Christmas cards. Or resumes. Whatever.

Get it on Etsy starting at $35.

9. And this definition printable (that actually describes all of us) to ward off human guests.

Framed black and white print with a definition of a "Caninetrovert," which the print says is someone who'd rather be around dogs than people.
TheCrazyDogMomShop on Etsy

If you’ve gotta have people over, might as well make sure they know where they stand. This printable communicates your priorities and makes your wall look cooler. Win-win.  

Get it on Etsy for $5.

Where are you gonna hang your dog gallery wall? Woof at us in the comments and be sure to tag us in all those doggo decor pics at #SidewalkDog.

Featured photo: Chewy

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