Dog-Friendly Places with WiFi in Minneapolis and St. Paul

If your dogs are anything like the ones we know and love, it’s high time they started pulling their own weight around here. Our freeloading four-legged friends don’t pay rent, have their vet bills covered… and who do they think forked over the cash for that BarkBox subscription? While our buds may not be pulling down six figures anytime soon, they can help in their own way. Next time you head to a local cafe to get some work done, bring your furry freeloader along! Here are 12 of our favorite dog-friendly places with WiFi in Minneapolis and St. Paul where you and your pup can get some quality time in while you bring home the bacon.

(Please note: Locations are pup-friendly on the pawtio only unless otherwise noted.)

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops with WiFi

Dogwood Coffee Northeast & Roastery

A workday at Dogwood? Your dogwould love that! This sprawling Northeast coffee compound has an adorable deck where you and your pup can lounge in the sun and get some work done. 

Common Roots Cafe

Lots to love about Common Roots: the house-made bagels, the burger nights, the mimosa menu. The fact that you and your pup can browse the web while downing a Tequila Sunrise on the patio? That’s just a bonus. 

Five Watt Coffee

Three of Five Watt’s four Twin Cities coffee shops would be just delighted to have you and your dog soaking up the WiFi side by side. (The fourth is located in Keg and Case Market—not their fault! They love pups, we promise.) 

In the Loop Coffee Company

In the Loop loves pups, so much so that they’ve got a gallery of “fur fan” photos on their FAQ page and organic doggy treats at the counter! Pup in for high-quality coffee drinks, paninis, and more. 

Sisters’ Sludge Coffee and Wine Bar

We’re suckers for Sisters’ Sludge. This south Minneapolis staple is part cafe, part wine bar, and all in all a great place to spend some time working. They’ve got small plates and bar bites, too!

The Fix Studio & Cafe

The Fix is a real one-stop shop: a cycling studio, a bike shop, and a dog-friendly cafe where you can tear through some emails all in one! And if you visit, you might meet Zed, one of the cutest bark-ristas in town. 

Boiler Room Coffee

Tucked away in a garden-level space on Third Avenue, Boiler Room serves up coffee drinks, fancy oatmeal, waffles, and sandwiches in a Fido-friendly setting. Bring your laptop and stay a while!

Mojo Coffee Gallery

Part coffee house, part pottery studio, and part perfect patio for you and your pup, Mojo Coffee Gallery is a perfect place to get your work done. And pick up a little piece of art on your way out!

Dog-Friendly Breweries and Restaurants With WiFi

Eastlake Craft Brewery

Its location in Midtown Global Market makes Eastlake a great place for a working lunch with your pup. Your pal can expect fresh water and scritches from the pup-loving staff.

The Freehouse

Freehouse, free WiFi! Plus a big patio, a lengthy taplist, and award-winning beers. This is a great place for knocking out a few hours of work and getting a meal in while you’re at it.

Utepils Brewing

Grab the WiFi password at the bar and beeline for Utepils’ oasis-like beer garden. Nothin’ like “working” in an Adirondack chair around a roaring fire. Bonus: Get a free beer with our Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass.

Able Seedhouse + Brewery

Able’s big taproom and wide patio make it easy to find a table for you and your pup. (But good luck keeping them from drooling over the smells from Animales Barbecue, Able’s resident food truck.)

Which of these dog-friendly places with WiFi in Minneapolis do you and your pup post up when you want to get some work done while sipping a cold brew (or a brewed cold one)? Give us a shout in the comments!

Featured image: Cookie the Pom

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